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I can’t find the answers to this version of my BUS 591 class. The...

I can’t find the answers to this version of my BUS 591 class. The other versions I’ve found have different numbers and or journal entries so I’m not sure if my answers are correct. Can anyone help? The problems are found in Financial Accounting: Tools for Business Decision Making 7th Edition by Paul D. Kimmel.

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Final Project InstrucTons and ±emplates Name: ___________________________________ Final Project Due by Day 7 of Week 6 MAKE SURE ±O COMPLE±E ALL GRADED REQUIREMEN±S LIS±ED BELOW. It is recommended that you complete the non-graded requirements for addiTonal pracTce All of the templates you need for the project are located in this Workbook. ±he instrucTons and data for the problem is in your ±extbook (the "ConTnuing Cookie Chronicle" at the end of the chapter). Use the arrow bu²ons (lower le³ corner of the window) to navigate through the tabs. Submit the EN±IRE Workbook (´le) to your instructor for the Week 6 Final Project Requirements Sheet in Workbook Week One Chapter 1 & 2 Notes (PRAC±ICE) Week Two Journal Entries (PRAC±ICE) General Ledger (PRAC±ICE) ±rial Balance (PRAC±ICE) Week Three Week Six ±his project is worth _ 20 _ points Chapter 1 and 2 "ConTnuing Cookie Chronicle" - Review the problem and make notes of your answers. Chapter 3, Part A, prepare journal entries to record the November transacTons Chapter 3, Part B, post the journal entries to the general ledger accounts Chapter 3, Part C, prepare a trial balance at November 30, 2014 Chapter 4, Part A, journalize the transacTons Journal Entries (GRADED) Chapter 4, Part B, post the December transacTons to the general ledger accounts General Ledger (GRADED) Chapter 4, Part C, prepare a trial balance at December 31, 2014 ±rial Balance (GRADED) Chapter 4, Part D, prepare and post adjusTng journal entries for December AdjusTng Entries (GRADED) Chapter 4, Part E, prepare adjusted trial balance at December 31, 2014 Adjusted ±rial Balance (GRADED) Chapter 4, Part F, prepare an income statement, retained earning statement and balance sheet Financial Statements (GRADED) Chapter 4, Part G, prepare and post closing enTres as of December 31, 2014 Closing Entries (GRADED) Chapter 4, Part H, prepare a post-closing trial balance Post Closing ±B (GRADED) Chapter 13 - Part A, prepare a horizontal and verTcal analysis Horiz. & Vert. Analysis (GRADED) Chapter 13 - Part B, Calculate several ´nancial raTos as indicated Financial RaTos (GRADED)
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