Below I have attached 6 questions from my online cost accounting...

Below I have attached 6 questions from my online cost accounting class.  If someone would be so kindly to help me t would be greatly appreciated.  The questions, along with the question data and information to correctly answer the questions are included. 

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After reviewing the new activity-based costing system that Janis McGee has implemented at Joplin Industries’s Port Arthur manufacturing facility, Kris Kristoff, the production supervisor, believes that he can reduce production costs by reducing the time spent on machine setups. He has spent the last month working with employees in the plant to change over the machines more quickly with the same reliability. He plans to produce 112,000 units of J25P and 46,000 units of J40X in the first quarter. He believes that with his more efficient setup routine, he can reduce the number of setup hours for both the J25P and the J40X products by 23 percent. (Refer to Exhibit 9.16 ) Required: (a ) Compute the amount of overhead allocated to the J25P and the J40X cameras for the first quarter using activity-based costing. Assume that all events are the same in the first quarter as in the third quarter except for the number of setup hours. Assume the cost of a setup hour remains at $900. Cathy, the manager of Cathy's Catering, Inc., uses activity-based costing to compute the costs of her catered parties. Each party is limited to 20 guests and requires 5 people to serve and clean up. Cathy offers two types of parties, an afternoon picnic and an evening formal dinner. The breakdown of the costs follows: Activities (and cost drivers) Afternoon Picnic Formal Dinner Advertising (parties) $ 81 per party $ 81 per party Planning (parties) $ 68 per party $102 per party Renting equipment $ 40 per party plus $ 80 per party plus (parties, guests) $ 12 per guest $ 23 per guest Obtaining insurance (parties) $230 per party $380 per party Serving (parties, servers) $ 41 per server per party $ 65 per server per party
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