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value: 10.00 points McNulty, Inc., produces desks and chairs. A new CFO has just been hired and announces a new policy that if a product cannot earn a margin on sales of at least 30 percent, it will be dropped. The margin is computed as product gross profit divided by reported product cost. Manufacturing overhead for year 1 totaled $915,000. Overhead is allocated to products based on direct labor cost. Data for year 1 show the following: Chairs Desks Sales revenue $1,220,000 $2,862,000 Direct materials 601,000 970,000 Direct labor 150,000 460,000 Required: a-1. Based on the CFO's new policy, calculate the profit margin for both chairs and desks. Profit Margin Chairs ??? % Desks ??? % a-2. Which of the two products should be dropped? Chairs Desks b. Regardless of your answer in requirement (a), the CFO decides at the beginning of year 2 to drop the chair product. The company cost analyst estimates that overhead without the chair line will be $820,000. The revenue and costs for desks are expected to be the same as last year. What is the estimated margin for desks in year 2? (Do not round intermediate calculations. Enter your answer as a percentage rounded to 1 decimal place.) Estimated margin desks-Year 2 ??? %
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