could someone explain to me how did you get the answer for journalizing

the interest expense accrued interest and accrued interest and cash?

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1 © J. Porter and AAA Frosty Co. Frosty Co. is a publicly traded, medium-sized manufacturing firm that produces refrigerators, freezers, ice makers, and snow cone machines. During the past three years, the company has struggled against increasing competition, sluggish sales, and a public relations scandal surrounding the departure of the former Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and Chief Financial Officer (CFO). The new CEO, Jane Mileton, and CFO, Doug Steindart, have worked hard to improve the company’s image and financial positi on. After several difficult years, the company now seems to be resolving its difficulties, and the management team is considering new investment opportunities. The team hopes that diversification into a line of professional ice cream makers, and perhaps a line of consumer products, will help the company continue its recent growth and effectively compete with future competitors. In order to raise the funds needed for these new investments, Frosty Co.’s Board of Directors has approved a seasoned equity offering (SEO). The discussions regarding the new investment opportunities and the equity offering have been kept quiet until a positive set of financial statements can provide strong evidence that the company has turned around, leading to an increase in the com pany’s stock price. INTRODUCTION After a full week of carefully examining financial statements, Simon was exhausted. He had become Frosty Co.’s corporate controller only a month ago, after several years as an auditor at a public accounting firm, and was excited about the move to corporate accounting. The first few weeks had gone well, as Simon met his accounting staff and settled into his new responsibilities. Then, he had started reviewing Frosty Co.’s financial statements for the prior year to make sure they correctly followed GAAP, and to familiarize himself more with the company and industry. Unfortunately, his relative inexperience with the industry and Frosty’s accounting procedures had required him to spend more time on the review than he had anticipated. He still had a few questions about the financial statements, but he needed to start preparing for the upcoming SEO. He decided that he would talk to his staff about his lingering questions tomorrow morning, just before his meeting with the CEO and CFO. The three of them were to discuss the upcoming audit and the
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