Can I have the questions answered by tomorrow before 5 p.m?

Can I have the questions answered by tomorrow before 5 p.m?

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Take Home Quiz #5 – due in class. Due Tuesday, November 8 This is an individual-take home Quiz #5 worth 25 points. You may use your textbook and visit with the TA’s. However, you are NOT to work with any person on this Take Home Quiz #5. Yes, we trust you will do the right thing . This quiz is a great review for the final exam if you work on this by yourself. If you cheat just to get the 25 points you will miss the significant points on the final exam. Please do this quiz by yourself and do not share your answers with your classmates. Chapter 7 questions Problem 1 The following information was abstracted from the 2017 financial statements of Jennings Company: Sales $747,000 * Accounts Receivable, December 31, 2017 128,000 Allowance for Doubtful Accounts 1,220 (credit balance) Sales discounts 18,000 * Sales returns 12,400 * *30% related to credit sales Prepare the adjusting entry for doubtful accounts expense under each of the following assumptions: (a) 3 percent of current accounts receivable are uncollectible. (b) 2.5 percent of net credit sales are uncollectible. 1
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