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1.An electronics store receives a shipment of graphing​ calculators, including 3

20 that are defective. Four of the calculators are selected to be sent to a local high school. How many of these selections will contain no defective​ calculators?

The number of ways to choose all selections that contain no defective calculators is ____

2.To win at LOTTO in one​ state, one must correctly select 5 numbers from a collection of 55 numbers​ (1 through 55). The order in which the selection is made does not matter. How many different selections are​ possible?

There are _____different LOTTO selections.

3.Television and radio stations use four call letters starting with W or​ K, such as WXYZ or KRLD. Assuming no repetitions in the second to fourth​ letters, how many​four-letter sets are possible using either W or K and only the letters Upper J to Upper Y(Count all possibilities even​ though, practically, some may be​ inappropriate.)

There are _______ ​four-letter sets that can be formed.

4.A baseball team has 8 ​pitchers, who only​ pitch, and 14 other​ players, all of whom can play any position other than pitcher. For​ Saturday's game, the coach has not yet determined which 9 players to use nor what the batting order will​ be, except that the pitcher will bat last. How many different batting orders may​ occur?

There are ______different batting orders.

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1.An electronics store receives a shipment of 20 graphingcalculators, including 3 that are defective. Four of the calculators are selected to be sent...
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