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Review Questions 1. In what plane does hip flexion occur? 5. Which...

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Review Questions 1. In what plane does hip flexion occur? 5. Which movement describes pointing the toes? A. sagittal plane A. flexion B. transverse plane B. extension C. frontal plane C. dorsiflexion 2. In what plane does elevation of the D. plantar flexion shoulders occur? 6. "Bow leggedness" (when knees bend inward A. sagittal plane and foot bend outwards) is called genu... B. transverse plane A. valgus C. frontal plane B. varus 3. In what plane does abduction of the hip 7. What would cause a flat foot? occur? A. pronation A. sagittal plane B. supination B. transverse plane 8. What movements would allow you to wave your C. frontal plane hand as seen to the right? . In what plane does supination of the wrist A. wrist pronation & supination occur? B. wrist flexion & extension A. sagittal plane C. ulnar & radial deviation B. transverse plane D. elbow flexion & extension C. frontal plane Identify the Joint and Movement Note: NOT the name of the stretch, but the movement being done! 11. Joint & Movement: 9. Joint & Movement: 10. Joint & Movement:

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  1. oret, consecte
  2. at,ec facilisis.
  3. at,ec facilisis.
  4. Dctum vitae odio
  5. entctum vitae odio
  6. Dmolestie c
  7. orec alique
  8. at,trices ac magna. Fusce dui
  9. ipiscing elit. Nam lacin
  10. ongue vel laoreet ac, dic
  11. at, ultrices ac magna. Fusce dui lectus, congu

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