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1.     In her handbook to her son, what is the overall message...

1.     In her handbook to her son, what is the overall message Dhuoda gave to her son? Why is his position in service to the king important to William and Dhuoda (other than it simply being the king)?

2.     Early Medieval physicians relied mostly on botanical remedies. Given the ingredients and treatments in this selection, what can you infer about the limitations of medical knowledge and treatment during this time? Are there any ways in which these treatments are similar to ones used today?

3.     In the description of the manor house, what do you see as the highest priorities of the lord of the house? What are the features of this manor house that best demonstrate to other lords the wealth of this lord?

4.     These selections afford us a glimpse into daily life in the middle ages, particularly for the upper class. Overall, what were the upper class most concerned about in their lives? How might this have been very different from the concerns of the peasants? What kinds of things would both upper and lower classes have equal concern?

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