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1.     Why did Christine de Pizan believe God had chosen Joan...

1.     Why did Christine de Pizan believe God had chosen Joan of Arc to lead a French army? Which appears to have been more important to Pizan: Joan of Arc's service to France or her contribution to contribution to the status of women in history?

2.     Why do you think Dante wrote in the Vernacular? Why are the people in this selection from Canto 18 of the Inferno being punished? What is the message to Dante's audience?

3.     Do you thin k Dante portrays hell as an actual place, or a concept? In your opinion, what role does hell play in religious belief? Why would Dante's 14th-century audience enjoy such a detailed account of hell?

4.     What are reasons people read in general? Why do you read (if you read)? Why did people in the late middle ages read, and how do these selections demonstrate that? Is the purpose of literature dependant on when in history it is created?

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