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1.     What were the struggles that Petarch was going through...

1.     What were the struggles that Petarch was going through in this selection of his trip up Mount Ventoux? In his allegory, what is the mountain symbolic of? What conclusion does he reach about his spirituality?

2.     What is the "dignity of man" that Pico della Mirandola explains? What argument does he use to demonstrate that this places humans in a special place among God's creations?

3.     What does Laura Cereta say about the capabilities of women in general? How does she explain the fact that so few women were scholars? What are your thoughts on Cereta's observations?

4.     After reading these selections, do you see any common themes? How are these ideas in Renaissance Humanism connected to Renaissance art? Before covering this material, what were your impressions of the Renaissance and Renaissnace Humanism? Have they changed?  

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