The questions are based on Aeschylus -Prometheus Bound Answer the...

The questions are based on Aeschylus -Prometheus BoundAnswer the following questions briefly.

  1. Who is Promotheus? Why is he being punished at the start of the play?
  2. What do the personifications of "Might" and "Violence" tell us about the themes of the play?
  3. Who is lo? How does her story relate to that of Prometheus? Why do you think Aeschylus chose lo for this play out of all the possible other mythological figures he could have used?
  4. What does Prometheus' prophesy for lo tell us about the power of Zeus? How does lo's fate affect Prometheus and Zeus' reign?
  5. What is Prometheus' secret knowledge about the fate of Zeus?
  6. What do you think is the ultimate lesson of this play? What was Aeschylus trying to say?
  7. Can you think of any historical figures who displayed the same defiance as Prometheus?
  8. Does Prometheus qualify as a "hero"? Why or why not?

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