1. Question 1
  2. John Calvin explained Protestant theology in __________ in 1536.
  3. The Confessions of Christian Kings

    The Decameron Handbook

    The Institutes of the Christian Religion

    The Handbook of the Christian Knight

        Question 2           
    1. __________ was the famed Renaissance artist whose works include the statue of David and the painting Last Judgement.



      Leonardo da Vinci

      Carlos di Alberti

  4.   Question 3       
Switzerland erupted into civil war in the 1520s over the teachings of __________.
John Calvin
Ulrich Zwingli
Menno Simons
Martin Luther
  1. Question 4
    1. Erasmus's fundamental themes in his works, including __________, were that Christianity should be based on inner spirituality more than a dedication to a series of rituals.

      The Education of a Christian Prince

      The Decameron Handbook

      The Confessions of Christian Kings

      The Canterbury Tales

  2.  Question 5      
The __________ pitted two factions of the English royal family, the Yorks and the Lancasters, against one another.
Hundred Years' War
The Austrian Succession
The Wars of the Roses
The Crimean Wars

Question 6    

Match the person on the left with the correct statement to describe them on the right.


Charles VIII


Francesco Petrarch


Thomas More


Baldassare Castiglione


Cesare Borgia


Johann Gutenberg


Andrea Mantegna


Charles V


Henry IV


Albrecht Durer


Developed the process of mechanical printing in Europe


Writer of Utopia, describing a perfect society


French king who invaded Italy in 1494


Habsburg king whose domains included Spain, Naples, and the Holy Roman Empire


French king who issued the Edict of Nantes, granting legal rights to the Huguenots


Renaissance artist who pioneered use of perspective


Scholar whose discoveries of lost texts helped spark the Renaissance


Author of The Courtier, intended to describe proper manners for aristocrats


German Renaissance-era artist


Corrupt cardinal whose father became notorious Pope Alexander VI

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