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V webwork / 2019w1_math_100_v01 / a3 / 1 06&user=D2L6KIEZTX06&key=lvknupAeuYliWU1La17TumRg.. A3: Problem 1 Previous Problem Problem List Next Problem (1 point) The following series are geometric series or a sum of two geometric series. Determine whether each series converges or not. For the series which converge, enter the sum of the series. For the series which diverges enter "DIV" (without quotes). 1 12 102 = DIV 52n+1 5/23 = 1015/11^4 (e) in+ 4 = DIV E 10" + 2n = 92/9 Note: You can earn partial credit on this problem. Preview My Answers Submit Answers You have attempted this problem 0 times. You have 3 attempts remaining. Email instructor

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V webwork / 2019w1_math_100_v01 / a3 / 1 06&user=D2L6KIEZTX06&key=lvknupAeuYliWU1La17TumRg. Problem 1 Previous Problem Problem List Next...
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