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Solved by Expert Tutors


1.1  Using graphical method, solve the equation; 2 - 3 - 4 =



1.2 Solve the equation; x2 - 8x + 7 = 0 using the Quadratic Formula          


 2.1      Differentiate f(x) = (2x3 + 3x2 )(x2 + 5x3 +5) using product rule.                

2.2   Differentiate f(x) = (8x3 + 4x )(2x2 +5) using product rule.                                         

 2.3  Differentiate f(x) = (5x³+7x )/(2x²-4x+5 ) using quotient rule.                                                  

 2.4  Differentiate f(x) = (x³+4)/(4x- 5 ) using quotient rule.                                                          

2.5 Differentiate  (x5 + 6)5 using chain rule                                                                (5)

QUESTION THREE                                 

Verify the statement by showing that the derivative of the right side is equal to the integrand of the left side.                              

3 a.     

  3 b.   

QUESTION FOUR                                                          

4.1  Integrate                                                                                                                      

4.2 Integrate                                                                                                                       

4.3 Integrate                                                                                                                  

4.4 Integrate                                                                                               

4.5 Integrate ∫▒〖x²+3x²+6x) dx〗                                                                                                



5.1      Evaluate the integral ∮_2^4▒(4x^3+5x^4+2)dx                                                                       

5.2      Evaluate the integral ∮_2^4▒(16x^3+4x³)dx                                                                            (

5.3      Find the integral ∮_3^5▒ʃ(9x^2+5x^4+2)dx                                                                             

5.4       Find the derivative of the function of y= □(24&(〖9x〗^4+ 〖6x〗^(-2) ) when x=2)                   

5.5       Differentiate □(24&d/dx (〖-16x〗^(-1)+4x+2) ) when x=4

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1.1 Using graphical method, solve the equation; x2 - 3x - 4 = 0.
1.2 Solve the equation; x2 - 8x + 7 = 0 using the Quadratic Formula
(5 )
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2.1 Differentiate f(x) = (2x3 + 3x2 )(x2 + 5x3 +5) using product rule.
Differentiate f(x) = (8x3 + 4x )(2x2 +5) using product rule.
2.3 Differentiate f(x) =:
5x +7x
2x2-4x+5 using quotient rule.
Differentiate f(x) =
4x- 5
using quotient rule.
Differentiate (x5 + 6)5 using chain rule
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Verify the statement by showing that the derivative of the right side is equal to the integrand of the left
3a. J - Jax = 3+c
1- dx =x - 37/x +c
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4.1 Integrate [ x/ dx
4.2 Integrate | Vxdx
(5 )
4.3 Integratedx
( 5 )
4.4 Integrate | 2x /3 + 3x -1 dx
4.5 Integrate S x2 + 3x2 + 6x) dx
( 5 )
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Evaluate the integral f2 (4x3 + 5x4 + 2)dx
5.2 Evaluate the integral $2 (16x3 + 4x3) dx
(5 )
5.3 Find the integral f, (9x2 + 5x4 + 2) dx
(5 )
Find the derivative of the function of y = (9x* + 6x-2) when x = 2
( 5 )
Differentiate - (-16x-1 + 4x + 2) when x = 4
( 5 )

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