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I have a high school algebra math assignment and need some help remembering it. Please walk me through steps.


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Remember that the domain of a function represents the input values that work for the function. 5 . What do you think is a reasonable domain for your function that models the relationship between Carlos's age (a) and the speed (S) of his fastball. Explain how you make your choice for a reasonable domain. 6. How does your domain choice change your graph from question 1? Idk what a domain is sorry.

References Mailings Review View Help Search A" A" Aa - A AaBbCcDo AaBbCcDc AaBbCc AaBbCct Aab A- D. A. 1 Normal 1 No Spac... Heading 1 Heading 2 Title Paragraph Styles 2. Carlos decides that the speed of his fastball is a function of his age. a. Write a function, S(a), that models the relationship between Carlos's age, a, and the speed, S, of his fastball. b. Describe what each part of your function means in relation to Carlos's age and fastball speed. c. Do the features of the slope and y-intercept make sense for this situation? Explain why or why not. 3. Find each value and explain what the input and output values mean for Carlos. a. b C. Focus

12:19 ~ & . . . NOLTE 95% K . . . Normal No Spac.. Heading 1 Heading 2 Paragraph Styles BATTERS CAN'T HANDLE THE HEAT (Before you submit this assignment, make sure it is complete and it looks good.) Carlos has been playing baseball since he was 7 years old. His favorite position is being a pitcher and has kept data on how fast his fastball is from ages 10-15. The data are shown in the table below. Age of Pitcher Speed of Fastball (years) (miles per hour) 10 50 11 55.5 12 61 13 66.5 14 72 15 77.5 1. What is the rate of change for the fastball data? What does the rate of change mean for Carlos? O W prt so home end 10 View motion photo O II III O A

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19 ~ & . NOLTE 95% K . Normal No Spac.) Carlos has been playing baseball since he was 7 years old. His favorite position is being a pitcher and...
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