Hello I need help in solving these questions Thanks


I need help in solving these questions


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Problems – Be sure to show all work. Round all calculated values to no more than 3 decimal places. Use metric prefixes when possible. 1. The numbers of orbiting electrons in Al and Ag are 13 and 47 respectfully. Draw the atomic conFguration for each and brie±y discuss why each is a good conductor. 2. Although Au is not the most conductive metal relative to Ag or Cu it has other highly desirable properties. Cost aside, brie±y discuss some of the advantages of using gold in electronic systems. 3. Brie±y discuss and compare the di²erences between conductors, semiconductors and insulators. 4. ³ind the voltage between two points if 60J of energy are required to move a charge of 20C between two points. 5. Determine the energy expended moving a charge of 50μC between two points if the voltage between the points is 6V. 6. If a current of 40mA exists for 0.8 minutes how many coulombs have passed through the wire? 7. Will a fuse rated at 1A “blow” is 86C pass through it in 1.2 minutes? Brie±y describe the purpose of a fuse? 8. The charge ±owing through a conductor is 0.16C every 64ms. Determine the current in amperes. 9. Determine how long it will take 4 x 10 16 electrons to pass through an imaginary surface if the current is 5mA. 10. How long will a 9V battery with an ampere rating of 250mAH provide a current of 20mA?
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