Virginia Commonwealth University Department of Biomedical Engineering Introduction to Biomedical Engineering EGRB 102 - Fall 2016 Problem Set 3...
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Virginia Commonwealth University Department of Biomedical Engineering Introduction to Biomedical Engineering EGRB 102 - Fall 2016 Problem Set 3 Assigned Date: Wednesday, September 21, 2016 Due Date: Wednesday, September 28, 2016 To receive full credit, the completed assignment must be submitted before the start of class not during or after. Note: All problem set submissions must include a signed cover page ( This Sheet ). Next, s taple the cover page to the remaining pages of your homework assignment (Please - No Folded or Torn Page Attachment Methods). Keep in Mind That Neatness Matters. Assignments must be submitted on engineering paper. Collaboration on assignments is strictly forbidden. Any collaboration will be considered an Honor Code violation and referred to the Office of Student Conduct and Academic Integrity. Laboratory Session, Section 001, Monday, September 26, 1 to 3:50 PM Laboratory Session, Section 002, Tuesday, September 27, 1 to 3:50 PM Reading Assignment: New reading/study material: Chapters 2 Sections 2.1-2.5, 2.7 & 2.8. Chapters 5 and 6. Electronic Submission of Laboratory 1 Due Monday October 3 by 5 PM. Quiz 2 to be announced shortly but most likely occur during the week of October 3. This Assignment is Pledged I hereby state that I have not given nor received aid or help on this assignment and that the work I am submitting represents my own individual effort. Printed Name: Signature:
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Problems – Be sure to show all work. Round all calculated values to no more than 3 decimal places. Use metric prefixes when possible. 1. Suppose the measured conductance of some unknown length of copper wire is 0.25 S. If the diameter of the wire is 1/8 inch and the resistivity constant is 10.37 CM- Ω/ft determine the length of the wire. 2. The resistivity of gold is 14.67 CM-Ω/ft @20°C. How long in inches and mm must an AWG 40 gold wire be to have a resistance of 1Ω? Note 40 AWG corresponds to 9.89 CM. 3. Determine the value and tolerance of the following resistors a. violet-yellow-brown-gold b. orange-red-gold-gold c. green-gray-blue-red-brown d. 4R7J 4. A resistor with a current of 2A passing through it converts 1,000 J of electrical energy to heat in 15 s. What is the voltage across the resistor? 5. Consider a 3 resistor series circuit with power supply. With a simple sketch show and briefly describe how to measure the current through the circuit and the voltage across a single resistor. 6. If 1800 J are required to move 60 C through a resistor in 2 minutes, a. Determine the current through the resistor b. Determine the voltage across the resistor 7. Show/prove that if the circuit voltage increases and resistance decreases at the same rate, the current will either a) remain the same b) decrease by half c) double or e) quadruple. 8. For the following circuit, determine the value of the resistance (R), the resistor color code (assume 5% tolerance), the voltage drop across the resistor (V R ) and the amount of power (P R ) dissipated by the resistor. R 7V 2mA R( Ω ) = V R = P R (W) = Resistor Color Code (4-Band):
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