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1. Name the type of joint, and list the movements permitted at the shoulder joint. Under each movement’s name, list the names of the muscles responsible for each of these movements along with descriptions of their bone insertion. 2. What are EPSPs and IPSPs, and how are they produced? Explain how these electrical currents are used in spatial and temporal summation to initiate or inhibit the generation of an action potential. 3. Match the items in column A with the descriptions in column B to create the BEST MATCHES. Items in column A can be used only once when making matches to column B. There is only one correct answer for each blank space. Column A Column B 1. pia mater 2. denticulate ligaments 3. epidural space 4. dura mater 5. arachnoid mater 6. tract 7. nucleus 8. horn 9. nerve 10. ganglion 11. endoneurium 12. meningeal branch 13. ventral ramus 14. rami communicantes 15. dorsal ramus 16. tendon reflex _______ branch of spinal nerve serving vertebrae; vertebral ligaments and blood vessels of the spinal cord _______ a group of axons with common functions within the spinal cord (or brain) _______ responsible for transmitting nerve impulses for sensing crude touch _______ a group of cell bodies found outside the spinal cord (or brain) _______ branch of spinal nerve serving anterior trunk and extremities _______ composed of collagen and fine elastic fibers; highly vascular _______ connective tissue coverings of axons within spinal nerves _______ coordinate movements with visual stimuli _______ extension of the leg at the knee joint in response to tapping the patellar ligament _______ extensions of pia mater; suspend spinal cord within vertebral canal _______ plantar flexion of the foot in response to tapping the calcaneal tendon _______ responsible for transmitting nerve impulses for
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