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Which of the following functional groups should be added to the molecule in order to do so? 26) Which functional groups can act as acids? The following questions refer to the structures shown in Figure 4.5. Figure 4.5 27) Which of the structures is an impossible covalently bonded molecule? 28) Which of the structures contain(s) a carboxyl functional group? 29) In which of the structures are the atoms bonded by ionic bonds? The following questions refer to the functional groups shown in Figure 4.6. Figure 4.6 30) Which is a hydroxyl functional group? 31) Which is an amino functional group? 32) Which is a carbonyl functional group? 33) Which is a functional group that helps stabilize proteins by forming covalent cross-links within or between protein molecules? 34) Which is a carboxyl functional group? 35) Which is an acidic functional group that can dissociate and release H+ into a solution? 36) Which is a basic functional group that can accept H+ and become positively charg