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The peat mosses, such as Sphagnum, are: Gnetophytes B. Lycophytes C. Ferns D. Bryophytes Only the ___A produce seeds that include nutritive...

The peat mosses, such as Sphagnum, are:
A. Gnetophytes
B. Lycophytes
C. Ferns
D. Bryophytes
Only the ___A produce seeds that include nutritive endosperm.
A. Angiosperms
B. Mosses
C. Gymnosperms
D. Ferns
Epiphytes grow
A. in the air
B. in the water
C. in the soil
D. anywhere
Coal-swamp forests with diverse fungi, lycopods, bryophytes, ferns, and horsetails werer characteristic of the_____.
A. Triassic.
B. Devonian.
C. Carboniferous.
D. Permian.
The rise of the flowering plants to dominance occurred during the:
A. Triassic
B. Jurassic
C. Permian
D. Cretaceous
A pine tree is an example of a(n)
A. angiosperm
B. conifer
C. bryophyte
D. gametophyte
Bryophytes DO NOT have
A. stems
B. a cuticle
C. a sporophyte phase to the life cycle
D. a gametophyte phase to the life cycle
The largest and most diverse group of seedless nonvascular plants are the
A. angiosperms
B. horsetails
C. ferns
D. mosses
Spore-producing sori are located on the undersides of the leaves of a
A. fern frond
B. monocot sporophyte
C. liverwort gametophyte
D. fern gametophyte
In _____, the sporophyte develops within the gametophyte tissue and remains attached to it.
A. gnetophytes
B. seedless vascular plants
C. lycophytes
D. bryophytes

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