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1. Functions of epithelia include all of the following except a. providing physical protection. b. controlling permeability. c. absorption d producing specialized secrections e. storing energy reserves. 2. A type of intercellular connection in which there is a partial fusion of the lipid portions of two cell membranes is termed a a. tight junction b. gap junction c. intermediate junction d. desmosome e. none of the above 3. The only example of  unicellar exocrine glands are a. mammary glands b. sweat glands c.goblet cells d. sebaceous cells e. serous cells 4. An epidermal layer found only in the skin of the palms of the hands and the soles of the feet is the a. stratum corneum b. stratum lucidum c stratum basale d.stratum granulosum e.stratum spinosum 5. name the protein that infiltrates epithelial cells of the epidermis A. melanin b. keratin c. carotene d. collegen