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Question: During a 6 month period, 239 cases of pneumonia occurred in a town of 300 people. A clinical case ws defined as fever >39C lasting >2 days with 3 or more symptoms (chills, sweats, severe headache, cough, aching muscles/joints, fatigue, or feeling ill). A laboratory - confirmed case was defined as a positive result for antibodies against Coxiella burnetii. Before the outbreak, 2000 sheep were kept northwest of the town. Of the 20 sheep tested from the flock, 15 were positive for C. burnetii antibodies. Wind blew from the northwest, and rainfall was 0.5cm compared with 7 to 10 cm during each of the previous 3 years. Question: in this situation, the etiologic agent of the disease is A) Coxiella burnetii B) Pneumonia C) Wind D) Soil E) Sheep
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The answer for the question asked is Coxiella burnetii that will act as the causative agent
or the etiologic agent of the specific case.
In general the etiological agent of...