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Medical Terminology 1. The combining form that means "movement" 2. The combining form that means "muscle" is 3. The combining form that means "joint" is 4. The combining form that means "stiff joint" is 5. The combining form that means "bone marrow" is 6. The combining form that means "child" or "foot" is 7. A suffix that means "movement: is 8. A suffix that means "weakness" is 9. A prefix that means "towards" is 10. A medical term that means "muscle weakness" is 11. A medical term that means "slow movement" is 12. A medical term that means "lack of tone" is 13. A medical term that means "fusion of a joint" is 14. A medical term that means "process of viewing inside a joint" is 15. A medical term that means "bone and cartilage tumor" is 16. Cardiac muscle is an example of voluntary muscle. A) True B) False 17. Any artificial body part is called a prosthesis. A) True B) False 18. Another name for bone is osseous tissue. A) True B) False 19. Lordosis is commonly called humpback. A) True B) False 20. Talipes is commonly called clubfoot. A) True B) False 21. Systemic lupus erythematosus causes joint pain and arthritis. A) True B) False 22. A sudden, involuntary, strong muscle contraction is called an adhesion. A) True B) False 23. There are 12 lumbar vertebrae. A) True B) False 24. Plantar flexion is pointing the toes. A) True B) False 25. Simple fracture is the same thing as a closed fracture. A) True B) False 26. The fibrous connective tissue that wraps muscle is A) tendons B) fascia C) adipose D) ligaments 27. Which motion occurs at the thumb? A) opposition B) circumduction C) rotation D) eversion 28. Which of the following bones is NOT part of the appendicular skeleton? A) humerus B) sternum C) femur D) clavicle 29. An abnormal lateral curvature of the spine is called A) lordosis B) kyphosis C) scoliosis D) exostosis 30. Which surgical procedure relieves pressure on a compressed spinal nerve? A) bunionectomy B) osteotomy C) laminectomy D) arthroplasty 31. The tibia is commonly referred to as the A) hip bone B) shin bone C) ankle bones D) knee cap 32. The noise produced by bones or cartilage rubbing together is called A) callus B) crepitation C) orthotic D) fracture 33. Which type of fracture occurs because the bone is diseased or weakened? A) spiral fracture B) pathological fracture C) oblique fracture D) stress fracture 34. Which of the following diagnostic procedures is used to detect osteoporosis? A) bone scan B) myelography C) dual-energy absorptiometry D) arthrography 35. Muscle wasting is the common term for A) spasm B) atrophy C) dystonia D) adhesion 36. Which of the following terms is misspelled? A) femoral B) mandibuler C) humeral D) clavicular 37. Which of the following terms is misspelled? A) thoracic B) coccygeal C) metacarpel D) maxillary 38. Which term means an increase in muscle bulk? A) hypertrophy B) myomegaly C) hyperkinesia D) atrophy 39. Applying a pulling force on a fracture in order to restore normal alignment is called A) arthroplasty B) fusion C) fixation D) traction 40. Which diagnostic image uses a radioactive dye to produce an image? A) absorptiometry B) myelography C) arthroscopy D) bone scan
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