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What would be the approximate weight gain, in pounds, of a person who consumes an excess of 500 kcalories daily for one month?

What would be the approximate weight gain, in pounds, of a person who consumes an excess of 500 kcalories daily for one month?

they help people make permanent changes in eating habits.
they often recommend expensive supplements.
they use testimonials from famous people.
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Question 2

What would be the approximate weight gain, in pounds, of a person who consumes an excess of 500 kcalories daily for one month?
Answer 4
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Question 3

Mary Sue wishes to lose 5 pounds before her vacation in approximately 5 weeks. Her average consumption is 2,100 kcalories. How many kcalories should she consume daily to lose this weight, assuming her activity pattern remains unchanged?
Answer 1,800 to 1,900
1,600 to 1,700
1,400 to 1,500
1,100 to 1,200
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Question 4

Martha is maintaining her current weight by eating 2,500 kcalories per day. To lose 1 pound of fat per week, she would have to decrease her intake to how many kcalories per day?
Answer 2,200 to 2,300
1,900 to 2,000
1,500 to 1,600
1,000 to 1,200
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Question 5

The MyPyramid calorie guideline for a 19- to 30-year-old active woman is
Answer 1600.
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Question 6

How would you interpret the body mass index for a woman who is 1.63 meters tall and weighs 72 kilograms?
Answer The value does not exceed the value for which health risks begin.
Her health risks due to obesity would be high.
This indicates significant android obesity and high health risk.
She slightly exceeds the value for which health risks begin.
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Question 7

Margaret's parents are both obese. She has dieted six times, each time losing a considerable amount of weight and subsequently regaining it. Margaret has an aversion to exercise. Which of the following is true about Margaret's situation?
Answer Her frequent weight loss attempts have most likely led to greater amounts of lean body mass.
Her problem is genetic and there is no reason for her to attempt to lose weight.
When she ends the diet she regains additional body fat.
Her problem results from poor habits, with studies showing genetics as an insignificant contributor.
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Question 8

Physical activity
Answer contributes about 70 percent of total energy expenditure.
is only counted as a significant contributor if it is a formal, regular exercise program.
includes daily activities as seemingly insignificant as fidgeting.
contributes very little to overall energy expenditure.
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Question 9

Thermogenesis refers to all of the following except
Answer the ability to regulate body temperature within narrow limits.
shivering when cold and fidgeting are examples of thermogenesis.
brown adipose tissue contributes to thermogenesis especially in hibernating animals.
the energy you require during sleep at night.
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Question 10

The energy required to keep the resting body alive represents basal metabolism
Answer True
False .2 points
Question 11

As one finds his or her weight loss slowing during a weight control program, the best practice is to
Answer restrict more food choices.
reduce food intake to 1,000 kcalories.
go off the weight control program and take a break.
increase physical activity.
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Question 12

A reliable approach for weight loss is to
Answer reduce daily calorie intake and increase energy expenditure
avoid foods containing carbohydrates
greatly increase protein intake to prevent body protein loss
cut down on water intake
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Question 13

Body weight in kilograms divided by height squared in meters yields
Answer the obesity index.
the body mass index.
relative weight.
percent body fat.
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Question 14

Rapid weight loss likely contributes to the loss of considerable muscle tissue.
Answer True
False .2 points
Question 15

The energy required to keep the resting body alive represents basal metabolism.
Answer True
False .2 points
Question 16

An example of cognitive restructuring for weight control is
Answer planning what to eat for breakfast.
decreeing candy bars off limits.
replacing eating reactions to stress with helpful relaxing alternatives.
keeping a food intake diary to identify triggers for eating.
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Question 17

Health problems related to obesity begin when a person's body mass index (BMI) exceeds 30 kg/m2.
Answer True
False .2 points
Question 18

When attempting to use body fat content to define obesity, body fat above ____ for women warrants an obesity diagnosis.
Answer 25%
.2 points
Question 19

Bill expends 2,500 kcalories per day. What amount of kcalories will be from basal metabolism?
Answer 250 to 375
500 to 1,050
1,200 to 1,500
1,500 to 1,750
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Question 20

Which of the following is not characteristic of a fad diet?
Answer It promotes quick solutions.
It uses scientific evidence, presenting pros and cons.
It limits food selections.
It recommends expensive supplements.
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Question 21

Currently, the most common and effective surgical procedure for morbid obesity is
Answer intestinal bypass.
gastric bypass.
gastric balloons.
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Question 22

Carol eats 800 kcalories a day to lose weight. She is 40 years old. Carol has been walking briskly 60 minutes daily for the past 2 months. In her younger days she lifted weights, but she has lost considerable lean body mass over the years because of inactivity. Recently, Carol was diagnosed with hypothyroidism, which lowers metabolism. Which of the following factors increases Carol's energy output and promotes weight loss?
Answer Her 800-kcalorie diet
Her age
Her loss of lean body mass
Her walking routine
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Question 23

A woman who consumes 1800 nutrient-dense kcals per day and expends 2300 kcals per day with the help of moderate physical activity
Answer is in positive energy balance
is in negative energy balance
is in negative protein balance
is likely to gain weight
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Question 24

Changing one's frame of mind related to weight control and nutrition is called
Answer stimulus control.
cognitive restructuring.
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Question 25

Altering the environment to minimize the stimuli for eating is called
Answer chain-breaking.
stimulus control.
contingency management.
cognitive restructuring.
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Question 26

All of the following are true about contributors to energy expenditure except
Answer the thermic effect of food represents about 5 percent to 10 percent of total expenditure.
physical activity accounts for 25 percent to 40 percent of total expenditure.
basal metabolism accounts for 60 percent to 70 percent of total expenditure.
fidgeting accounts for 40 percent of total energy expenditure.
.2 points
Question 27

Which of the following is true about fat?
Answer It has a high thermic effect.
It is less kcalorie-dense than carbohydrates or proteins.
It is a concentrated source of kcalories.
It is better to eliminate carbohydrates rather than fat when cutting kcalories.
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Question 28

All of the following contribute to total energy expenditure except
Answer basal metabolic rate.
thermic effect of food.
energy content of food.
adaptive thermogenesis.
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Question 29

A major problem with a very low-fat diet is
Answer essential fatty acid deficiency
dieters become bored and are not satisfied
too little dietary fiber
too much linoleic acid
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Question 30

You can lose 1 pound of stored fat each week by expending 200 kcals per day beyond your normal energy output
Answer True
False .2 points
Question 31

Two self-help groups that would be helpful with weight control efforts include
Answer Jenny Craig and Slim Fast.
Nutri-System and Jenny Craig.
Weight Watchers and Take Off Pounds Sensibly.
Weight Watchers and Nutri-System.
.2 points
Question 32

What is usually the major factor that explains variability in the energy needs of two healthy men of similar age and size?
Answer brown adipose tissue metabolism
basal metabolism
physical activity
type of diet consumed
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Question 33

Basal metabolism is the energy expended
Answer when sleeping.
when doing moderate activity.
when resting, but awake, and in a fasting state.
to make food available to the body.
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Question 34

Xenical is a weight loss drug that works in the digestive system
Answer to substitute xylose for glucose.
to block digestion of about one-third of the fat in the food we eat.
to produce a full feeling that decreases hunger.
as an artificial fat.
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Question 35

When attempting to use body fat content to define obesity, body fat above ____ for men warrants an obesity diagnosis.
Answer 8%
.2 points
Question 36

For a woman who is 1.63 meters tall and weighs 72 kilograms, the body mass index would be
Answer 18.
.2 points
Question 37

Which of the following is an important aspect of behavior modification used for weight control?
Answer Severely restricting intake after overeating
Avoiding planned eating so you can be ready to handle spontaneous changes in the situation
Recording eating behavior to identify situations that contribute to overeating
Weighing at the same time each day
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Question 38

The best way to treat an underweight person is to advise him or her to
Answer eat high-fat foods such as cream, cheeses, ice cream, and ground beef.
stop exercising.
eat kcalorie-dense foods higher in vegetable fat like nuts and seeds.
eat high kcalorie foods at the beginning of a meal.
.2 points
Question 39

Daily food choices rich in dietary fiber contribute to weight control.
Answer True
False .2 points
Question 40

Eating a low-fat diet for weight control is impractical.
Answer True
False .2 points
Question 41

The body's set point has been suggested to be
Answer a weight to which the body closely regulates.
one's desirable body weight.
one's minimum body weight.
the weight that is reached and maintained during mid life.
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Question 42

Which of the following is true about obesity in North America?
Answer Sixty-five percent of adults are overweight and, of these, 45% of adults are obese
Obesity is on the decline
Ninety percent of adults consume only as many calories as they need
Seventy-five percent of North Americans have more lean body mass than adipose tissue
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Question 43

A weight loss program should have all of the following characteristics except
Answer use MyPyramid as a pattern for food choices.
the plan should adapt to habits and tastes.
the plan should have a weight loss goal of 3 to 5 pounds per week.
the plan should be socially acceptable, allowing attendance at parties and restaurants.
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Question 44

Which of the following is not true about android obesity?
Answer It is upper body obesity.
High testosterone levels encourage it.
A low waist-to-hip ratio is indicative of it.
It is related to heart disease, hypertension, and diabetes mellitus.
.2 points
Question 45

The kcalorie cost of the thermic effect of food is ___ of energy consumed.
Answer 1% to 2%
5% to 10%
15% to 20%
20% to 25%
.2 points
Question 46

A significant health risk from obesity is
Answer ulcers
Type 2 diabetes
.2 points
Question 47

Which of the following is not a way to estimate body fat?
Answer Body mass index
Bioelectrical impedance
Underwater weighing
.2 points
Question 48

Orlistat (Xenical) is a medication approved by the FDA for weight loss that reduces fat
Answer storage by inhibiting lipase activity in fat cells.
digestion by inhibiting lipase enzyme action in the small intestine.
absorption by decreasing bile secretion.
circulation by inhibiting lipoprotein production.
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Question 49

Which of the following is true about use of diet pills for weight reduction?
Answer Diet pills do not lead to long-term changes in weight and tend to have side effects.
Amphetamines are not addictive.
Oral cholecystokinin is absorbed and suppresses hunger.
Diuretics lead to significant fat loss.
.2 points
Question 50

What percentage of a day's total energy need is used for digesting, absorbing, transporting, and storing nutrients?
Answer 1% to 3%
5% to 10%
25% to 40%
70% to 80%
.2 points
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