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Review and answer any question that have not already been completed. If answers that have been previously filled in are incorrect please correct them.

3. Pick 10 household items (e.g. spoon, book, paper clip, etc.) and design a taxonomic classification system to categorize them, similar to the one in figure 15.2.

4. Can you devise a different classification system for the objects used in this experiment that would distinguish each in as many, or fewer steps?


1. Did this series of questions correctly organize each organism? Why or why not?

2. What additional questions would you ask to further categorize the items within the kingdoms (hint: think about other organisms in the kingdom and what makes them different than the examples used here)?

3. Do you feel that the questions asked were appropriate? What questions would you have asked?
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    UMUC Biology 102/103
    Lab 5: Taxonomy

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