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1.In a certain department of a factory there are two shops. Total departmental overheads for a year are `1,20,000 and the estimated number of direct labour hour is 24,000 (10 men employed for 48 hours per week during 50 weeks in the year). From the particulars given below calculate the prime cost and works cost of a work order No. 54 which passes though both shops: 

(1) Material consumed `1,000.

(2) Direct labor hours shop A -8hrs at '6.00 per hour

     Shop B-5hrs 7.50 per hour

3) Works overheads are to be levied by means of a direct hour rate

2.How can consumer satisfaction be measured using perspectives of financial and non-financial measures. 

3.What is just in time technique for managerial accounting.

4.How do you measure impact of managerial control on employees behavior

5.What are some alternative methods of measuring value of intangible assets

6.What impacts do managerial accounting for operation managers have in decision making and planning.

7.Discuss the need of database logical structures and their significance in effective management of database.

8.Why are retained earnings not distributed to shareholders in a public company. 

9.State and explain when a company should report a balanced sheet

10.Why is volume a totally independent variable from price in the market

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Write 9 Sentences For Your Response: What are the four basic essential elements necessary in valid contract? What is consideration? The following list briefly describes the four requirements that must be met for a valid contract to exist. If any of these elements is lacking, no contract will have been formed. 1. Agreement. An agreement to form a contract includes an offer and an acceptance. One party must offer to enter into a legal agreement, and another party must accept the terms of the offer. 2. Consideration. Any promises made by the parties must be supported by legally sufficient and bargained-for consideration (something of value received or promised to convince a person to make a deal). 3. Contractual capacity. Both parties entering into the contract must have the contractual capacity to do so. The law must recognize them as possessing characteristics that qualify them as competent parties. 4. Legality. The contract's purpose must be to accomplish some goal that is legal and not against public policy. Even if all of the requirements for a valid contract are satisfied, a contract may be unenforce- able if the following requirements are not met. 1. Voluntary consent. The consent of both parties must be voluntary. For instance, if a contract was formed as a result of fraud, mistake, or duress (coercion), the contract may not be enforceable. 2. Form. The contract must be in whatever form the law requires. Some contracts must be in writing to be enforceable. These requirements typically are raised as defenses to the enforceability of an otherwise valid contract.

Question 3 ccounting theorists? Some researchers who utilise Legitimacy Theory posit that organisations will attempt to operate within the terms of their 'social contract'. What is a social contract? Question 4 In 2006 the Australian Government established an inquiry into corporate social responsibilities with the aim of deciding whether the Corporations Act should be amended so as to specifically include particular social and environmental responsibilities within the Act. At the completion of the inquiry it was decided that no specific regulations would be added to the legislation, and that instead, 'market forces' would be relied upon to encourage companies to do the 'right thing' (that is, the view was expressed that if companies did not look after the environment, or did not act in a socially responsible manner, then people would not want to consume the organisations' products, and people would not want to invest in the organisation, work for them, and so forth. Because companies were aware of such market forces they would do the 'right thing' even in the absence of legislation). You are required to explain the decision of the government that no specific regulation be introduced from the perspective of: 1. Public Interest Theory 2. Capture Theory 3. Economic Interest Group Theory of regulation.

(similar to) Question Help (CAPM and expected returns) a. Given the following holding-period returns, . compute the average returns and the standard deviations for the Zemin Corporation and for the market b. If Zemin's beta is 1.32 and the risk-free rate is 7 percent, what would be an expected return for an investor owning Zemin? (Note: Because the preceding returns are based on monthly data, you will need to annualize the returns to make them comparable with the risk-free rate. For simplicity, you can convert from monthly to yearly returns by multiplying the average monthly returns by 12.) C. How does Zemin's historical average return compare with the return you believe you should expect based on the capital asset pricing model and the firm's systematic risk? a. Given the holding-period returns shown in the table. the average monthly return for the Zemin Corporation is 5% (Bound to two decimal places. ) i Data Table X Month Zemin Corp Market 7% GUAUNE Print Done Enter your answer in the answer box and then click Check Answer. Check Anniver Clear All 6 parts remaining W e DELL

Find the fundamental solutions to the following equation (i.e., the solutions that are between ()" and 360" ). Give your answers in degrees. 26 sec*(0) - 14 tan (0)sec(0) - 24 = 0 Please list your fundamental solutions in ascending order (smallest first ). Fundamental solution #1: Fundamental solution #2: Fundamental solution #3: Fundamental solution #4: Question Help: B Read Submit Question

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