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1.      Explain the operation manager's role in maximizing efficiency

while also meeting production or customer demands

2.      Explain the day to day role and function of an operations manager in a service entity

3.      What are 5 defining characteristics differentiating service operations from manufacturing goods.

4.      List and explain the three primary areas of planning in a production or manufacturing scenario

5.      How is 3D printing impacting the world of production and operations management?

6.      When discussing inputs in a transformation process, what is the difference between a transforming and transformed resource?

7.      Explain the 3-circle model of competitive strategy and what fundamental question it proposes organizations ask themselves when determining a strategy

8.      Describe the difference between cost leadership, differentiation, and market focus as competitive strategies
9.       When planning a new operation, why is it important to decide how a product will be made before deciding where a factory should be built or purchase make it?

10.  Why is staffing considered an input but not money?

11.   What are the various forms of cost an operations manager must monitor and control in an operation setting?

12.   Lisa recently started a small landscaping company; She and her two employees mostly spend their days cutting laws and trimming trees and hedges for local homeowners on demand or by appointment. Occasionally, she gets asked to build small flower gardens to beautify exteriors of homes. The completion is somewhat heavy, so she is keeping her prices low for now and getting folks familiar with her business, but she doesn't know how long she can keep that up, especially with fuel and oil prices going up recently.
a.      What makes Lisa's a business a service operation rather than a production of goods? What attributes of service do we expect to see?
b.      What operational decisions is Lisa likely making on a daily, weekly or monthly?
c.      Make a list of all the resource inputs Lisa is using as part of her business to produce her services.
d.      Identify two or three likely suppliers providing some of those input resources into her operation on a regular or periodic basis.
e.      Which of the three competitive strategies commonly pursued in business might you likely recommend to Lisa to be completive? Why?

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1.Explain the operation manager's role in maximizing efficiency while also meeting production or customer demands 2.Explain the day to day role and
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