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The marketing executives of every car maker goes through the process

of segmenting the automobile market into customer segments. Auto manufacturers choose to focus on who they want to target. Thus, these companies target specific market segments and build their marketing strategy accordingly. The marketing strategy(positioning & marketing mix/4 Ps) is formulated in order to satisfy the needs of the segment chosen. The list below includes a few major automobile brands with links to their respective websites.

1.Toyota Sienna..(

2.Tesla Model S..(

3.Ford F-150..(

4.Chevrolet Spark...(

Research these brands using sources online, and/or automobile dealerships.Based on your research and understanding answer the following for each of the four brands above. Please organize the report by brand, e.g. section 1 would be Toyota answering all 3 questions, section 2 Tesla, etc.

1.Whois the specific target segment for each brand (Car Make & Model)?Be focused and concise -"everybody" is the wrong answer!So is men! Or people who like fuel efficiency! Use segmentation criteria (demographic, geographic, behavioral, and psychographic).BE SPECIFIC and describe the target in detail. Include the following: give your target an actual name, gender, income, age, occupation, marital/family status, where they live (geographical location, type of housing e.g. house or condo, suburban, rural, city), behavioral dimensions (e.g. first time car buyer, high or low rate of usage, repeat customer, benefits sought), psycho graphics (personality, lifestyle, attitudes, values, beliefs e.g. "what do they believe?", "what are their hobbies?" and/or "what do they like to do on the weekend?")

.2.Write positioning statement for each brand Must include all the elements and written in the classic format. Please be original in writing your positioning statement. DO NOT PLAGIRIZE

. 3.Describe how the marketing strategy/marketing mix (4 Ps) aligns with the target and positioning of each brand.Provide relevant and specific marketing examples to support your findings. For instance, you could describe the images the brand uses on their website or cite specific commercials (Promotion). Discuss specific features of the car (e.g. fuel efficiency, engine, cargo space, etc.) and why it satisfies the needs of the target segment (Product). Provide pricing information and strategies including discounts, rebates, etc. (Price). Elaborate on elements of its distribution/retail approaches, e.g. where the car brand is sold (Place). The more detail the better

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The marketing executives of every car maker goes through the process of segmenting the automobile market into customer segments. Auto manufacturers...
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