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Customers interact with employees at? Group of answer choices...

Customers interact with employees at?

Group of answer choices

Customer connection points

Customer engagement points

Customer contact points

Customer reflection points


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Question 3

Seeking to reduce the amount of money spent by a firm when purchasing is referred to as _______.

Group of answer choices

spend management

revenue management

resource management

cost management


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Question 4

Activities on the critical path have slack times of?

Group of answer choices



Cannot be determined from the information given



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Question 5

CNC, in the context of manufacturing flexibility, refers to?

Group of answer choices

Computer nailing control

Computer neutral complex machining

Computer necessary controlled machines

Computer numerically controlled machines


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Question 6

A company that manages its customer base in order to satisfy the customer and ensure that they continue to purchase goods and services is using which of the eight key supply chain processes?

Group of answer choices

Order fulfillment

Returns management

Customer relationship management

Demand management


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Question 7

Desired production volume and variety of goods/services desired are, generally, the guiding criteria for determining?

Group of answer choices

A match of production output to customer

A match of production process to product

A match of transportation provider to customer

A match of supplier to manufacturer


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Question 8

The final step in the purchasing cycle is

Group of answer choices

Developing the sourcing strategy

Soliciting and evaluating bids

Collecting supplier information

Notifying the selected supplier and implementing the contract


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Question 9

A batch process requires ____________ flexibility versus a job shop.

Group of answer choices

Cannot be determined


About the same



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Question 10

DBR stands for?

Group of answer choices

Drum, Buffer, Rope

Drum, Barrel, Roller

Drum, Barrel, Rope

Drum, Buffer, Regular

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