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CAN YOU HELP ME???46. Decisions which are concerned with policy matters and exercise fundamental influence onthe

objectives of the organization are called as____________.

A. Organizational decisions.

B. Personal decisions.

C. Routine decisions.

D. Strategic decisions.

47. Decisions which are non-repetitive and novel nature and required to solve unstructured

problem is

called as ___________.

A. Programmed decisions.

B. Non -programmed decisions.

C. Routine decisions.

D. Strategic decisions.

48. Seed capital assistance ___________.

A. a long-term assistance.

B. initial assistance

C. a help for the purchase of seeds.

D. a short-term assistance.

49. Business means ________.

A. Commerce.

B. industry and commerce.

C. trade and commerce.

D. selling and buying of goods.

51. Promoter is a person who ________.

A. takes part in the incorporation of a company .

B. is a director.

C. is a relative of the managing director.

D. works to publicity to the company.

52. Business risks can be ______.

A. avoided.

B. reduced.

C. ignored.

D. erased.

53. The oldest form of business organization is ______.

A. Partnership.

B. sole proprietorship.

C. joint stock company.

D. co-operative undertaking.

54. Memorandum of association of a firm contains _______.

A. rules regarding the internal management of the company.

B. rules regarding the constitution and activities of the company.

C. rules regarding the external management.

D. rules regarding the constitution.

55. A person owning and running a small firm, is known as________.

A. A manager-owner.

B. An owner-manager.

C. A professional adapter.

D. An enterprise worker.

56. Which of the following is a characteristic typical of _________?Most entrepreneurs

A. Choose high risk ventures.

B. Choose low risk ventures.

C. Choose moderate (or calculated) risk ventures.

D. Choose no risk ventures.

57. The UK government has implemented a number of policies to encourage Entrepreneurship in


One such initiative is _________.

A. Young Enterprise.

B. Youth venture.

C. Young Business.

D. Young Initiative.

58. One of the disadvantages of a franchise business for a franchisee is ________.

A. Lack of independence.

B. Franchise businesses typically have a high failure rate.

C. Lack of brand identity.

D. Training is not normally provided by the franchisor.

59. The Markets and Competitors section of a business plan should contain ____________.

A. A statement of the target market.

B. The size of each market segment.

C. The key characteristics of buyers in each business segment.

D. All the above.

60. As a new company grows, the entrepreneur will need to _________.

A. be responsive to changes in the market.

B. ensure financial controls are maintained.

C. build a management team.

D. all the above............

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