BSBWRT401 assessment 2. Unit's national codes and titters BSBWRT401...

BSBWRT401 assessment 2

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Unit's national codes and titters BSBWRT401 Write Complex Documents essment ## and Title Assessment 2 - Plan and Draft 1 Tasks to be submitted to Blackboard Task 1 - Document Planning Task 2- Reviewing and organising information to identify gaps Task 7 - Getting approval How to submit your assessment Upload the completed assessment tasks in the allocated drop box in Blackboard in the assessment section on the left hand side. in Assessment Instrument: As the Administration Assistant at Citistores, you have been asked to invite staff to participate in a conference entitled 'Improving the Quality of Work' As this is a unique opportunity. this information should be communicated formally, You have been provided with all employees postal addresses. The conference is to be held over two days on the 12th and 13th of next month from 9:00am to 4.30pm each day. Citistores are willing to pay the conference fee of $400 per person, plus travel, accommodation, breakfast and lunch. Any staff member participating in the conference is expected to pay for his or her own dinner.

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