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LA019810 Assessment 1, BSBMGT502 Ed 1 1 © New South Wales Technical and Further Education Commission, 2015 (TAFE NSW – WSI), Archive version 1, July 2015 BSBMGT502: Assessment 1 Note to student: The following assessment need not focus on any one practice, organisation or business. If you are currently employed then you may structure your responses using examples from that employment; or you may respond using experiences from a previous employment, or a combination of one or more. If you are not employed then your responses would include what you would see as most appropriate for that question, as if you were employed. You may use examples from personal and/or social experiences if relevant to the question. If you are not working, you can also research a workplace of your choice to respond to each of the questions. This assessment comprises 60% of the marks for this unit. What you have to do During your study of this unit, you will be introduced to various examples of ‘best practice’ in relation to performance management. Review the existing performance management system within your organisation or one with which you are familiar. Then write a report that critically evaluates the current system, processes and documentation. You do not need to gather the systems, processes and documentation however you will need to discuss their effectiveness within your chosen organisation. Task Research and review the existing performance management system in your organisation or one with which you are familiar, and then write a report which critically evaluates the performance management system processes and documentation. Your report should be written to a standard suitable for consideration by your senior managers and should in particular include the following: 1. Introduction - Brief description of your organisation – your profile, products / services; Part 2: Evaluation findings – It is important that you do not just describe what is happening in your workplace, instead make sure you evaluate your chosen organisation against each of the following criteria.
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BSBMGT502: Assessment 1 Task 1. IntroducTon : This report is to audit the efciency oF the current perFormance management systems within “House about” Balinese Home wares Wholesale ±urniture Outlet Store. Products include variety oF home wares such as hutches, cupboards, day beds, po²ery, statues and dining sets, currently employing 10 Full ³me & 8 Part ³me employees. The work conducted on the premises is predominately oF a manual handling nature with a small amount being repairs and Sales. I am a customer service person as well as Warehouse hand. 2. Evalua³on ´ndings– Consulta³on at “House about” has proven to be more successFul and produc³ve when employees are able to eµec³vely contribute to the alloca³on work and the subsequent resources requirements that are consistent with their personal and proFessional goals. However; at ³mes there is not enough discussion given to compe³ng demands that current team members Face and this can impact on their ability to complete allocated tasks. At ³mes employees are not made aware oF the organisa³onal strategic direc³on and how the overall mission impacts their current roles and weekly targets without this consulta³on can become misdirected or misaligned. There is currently no WHS representa³ve to consult with employees regarding WHS issues this does not comply with the legisla³ve requirements as outlined in WHS Act 2011 “House About’” Development oF Individual PerFormance Plans (including KRA’s & KPI’s) has been proven to be more eµec³ve to the successFul outcome oF work with a quality consulta³on process which results in an aligned & targeted outcome that re¶ects the opera³onal plan. “House About’” Assessment techniques provide the mechanism For measuring & evalua³ng the set indicators to evaluate progress and impact. However the SMART objec³ve se·ng process has not been used and has resulted in some business targets being unsuccessFul. The current process For risk management and risk assessment Follow the SaFeWork Australia’s Code oF prac³ce “ How to manage work health & saFety risks” as well as compliance with Sec³ons 32-38 oF the WHS Act 2011. SaFety standards within “House About” minimise poten³al Factors that may hinder the company to achieve & meet the Page | 1
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