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Liquid Luck The Soup Spoon founders Anna Lim, Andrew Chan and Benedict Leow credit perseverance, serendipity and some help from the right people for the success of their venture. Before starting The Soup Spoon, co-founder Anna Lim made sure to test her recipes on a sample audience. While working as an embryologist at the Singapore General Hospital, she would prepare soups at night and carry two litres in flasks to the office the next day for her colleagues to taste. “Being very scientific, I actually brought survey forms for people. In order to drink the soup, they would need to fill up a survey form,” explains the executive director and self-styled “SouperChef” of the soup chain. Taste tests, however, proved to be just the tip of the iceberg. Lim recalls how her first production attempt of some scale — selling soup at a church fund-raising event — taught her the impossibility of running even a small operation from her HDB flat. For a start, the fourdoor chiller she had bought to store vegetables would not go through the flat door. “So, we had to dismantle the door.” Then, there was the difficulty of having to wash vegetables in an HDB bathroom. Yet, those early hiccups seem to have helped rather than hindered the company’s development. Today, 13 years on, The Soup Spoon has 21 outlets in Singapore. The menu is centred on soups, but offerings also include salads, sandwiches and wraps as well as some sweet treats. As a company, The Soup Spoon Pte Ltd includes several other F&B brands: Soup Broth Asia, which focuses on Asian-style soups; The Handburger, a burger joint; The Grill Knife, which serves steaks; The Salad Fork, for salads; and Mill Press Brews, a cold press brewery. Now, as the company makes plans to stretch its presence locally and overseas, it has undergone a rebranding exercise that its founders hope will improve its chances — not just in malls but also in supermarkets. The rebranding exercise includes a new corporate logo, a revamped website that has Lim writing a travel blog, and a mobile app. And, the company has updated its business model and corporate strategy, too. New brand for expansion The Soup Spoon’s new logo consists of three differently shaped soup spoons arranged in a circular way to evoke a globe. The three spoons are a reference to the three founders, Chan, Lim and Leow, who “remain united as one, in their quest to be the best soup company in the world”, the company says in its press release explaining the rebranding exercise. Lim was the first to quit her job and work full time on the business, sourcing for a location and getting involved in the day-to-day running of their first outlet at the Raffles City Shopping Centre. It opened on June 1, 2002, with a menu that included Boston Clam Chowder and Velvety Mushroom Stroganoff. Leow joined the business three months later and Chan came on board full time after about a year. Their first attempt to expand was met with failure. The Soup Spoon opened its second outlet in 2002 at United Square in Novena, hoping to target the families who tended to visit the mall because of its proximity to the Tan Tock Seng Hospital. But then, the SARS outbreak occurred and traffic plunged. The outlet eventually had to be closed, and the team began to question its business plan. They made sure to do extensive research on location before opening the next outlet at the Raffles Xchange in June 2005. Raffles Xchange, however, proved to be the right fit for the brand. The Soup Spoon’s proposition of healthful and convenient food resonated with the Central Business District’s lunch crowd. Today, the brand
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