Hello, I need your help once more. Please see attached documents....

Hello, I need your help once more. Please see attached documents.

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CIC Case Study 3/18/2017 1 Chesapeake IT Consultants Chesapeake IT Consultants (CIC) is a successful Information Technology consulting services firm that utilizes proven IT and management methodologies to achieve measurable results for its customers. Its customer base includes small to mid-tier businesses, non-profit organizations and governmental agencies at the local, state and federal levels. CIC feels strongly that its success is dependent on the combination of the talent of its IT consultants, the best practices CIC employs, and a dedication to delivering truly beneficial IT solutions to their clients. Corporate Profile Corporate Name: Chesapeake IT Consultants, Inc. Founded: May 2004 Headquarters: Baltimore, Maryland Satellite Locations: Herndon, Virginia; Bethesda, Maryland Number of Employees: 400 Total Annual Gross Revenue: $80,000,000 President and Chief Executive Officer (CEO): Alvin Morrison Business Areas CIC provides consulting services in the following areas: x Business Process Consulting - Business process redesign, process improvement x IT Consulting - IT strategy, analysis, planning, system development, implementation, and network support x IT Outsourcing Consulting Requirements analysis; vendor evaluation, due diligence, selection and performance management; Service Level Agreements Business Strategy CIC's business strategy is to provide extraordinary consulting services and recommendations to its customers by employing highly skilled consultants and staying abreast of new business concepts and technology and/or developing new business concepts and best practices of its own. Current Business Environment CIC provides consultants on-site to work with its clients, delivering a wide variety of IT-related services. CIC obtains most of its business through competitively bidding on Requests for Proposals issued by business, government and non-profit organizations. A small but growing portion of its business is through referrals and follow-on contracts from satisfied clients. CIC anticipates it will win two large contracts in the near future and is preparing proposals for several other large projects.
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Running head: Stage 1: Background and Organizational Analysis 1 Background and Organizational Analysis
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Running head: Stage 2: Strategic Use of Technology 1 Strategic Use of Technology
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Running head: Stage 3: Strategic and Operational Outcomes 1 Strategic and Operational Outcomes
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