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Tatal marks: 30 'rcu need be su ppert ycur analysis WiU'l releya nt IEEE rch and references in NE LC format, as set but in the TABL'Li'lD Style Eu...

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Please give outline and explanations of the 3 questions.

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Tatal marks: 30 ‘rcu need be su ppert ycur analysis WiU’l releya nt IEEE rch and references in NE LC format, as
set but in the TABL‘Li'lD Style Eu ide an Meddle. The mark allacafjun is set cut under
I’Fteduireme nts” belcw. There are marks assbciated with all cf the requirements cf the
rubric and the analysis shculd be su ppbrted using the law. There are IEI'fl marks far repeating the facts and yeu will red uce the number df wurds fer
ypur analysis ifyuu repeat the facts. The tetal length must be nc mere than 2 (11D wards {exduding fautnbtes] and there is HD
+10% margin. Wdrk beycnd the 2 DUI} ward limit may net be marked. ‘I'dur submission is due befdre Munday 1lii'i1 Apn'l EH13 at 11:00, Submissibn is via Turnitin an Mpedle and nc hard ccpy is required.
Refer tn the cdurse cutline fur checkirg plagia n'sm and submissicnn preced ures. In answering this quesb'un, ycu shduld apply the carnmun law cf cantracls {that is, you
shauld fl refer ta statutes and ydu shuuld nut refer tc empluyment law]. When there is a
legal principle that ycu apply in yuur analysis, yuu shuuld cite a relevant case. ASSIGNMENT QUESTHJN lypr is a builder engaged en a large—scale rendyab'cn bf an Art Decu ha rbcrurside mansian.
Under his centract WiU’l Mrs Party, the humeewner, lyur has a fixed ce rnpletien date fur the
pruject, and will be subject be a financial penalty if he dues nut finish en time. lmr engage: a sub—«cuntractbr, anes, ta install the underfluctr heating pipe: an the lbwer
sterey cf the hcnuse far a fared price df 55mm, payable cn cdmpletien cf the wcrk. Jcnes cum rne nces wcrk as agreed, but part way th rdugh 'rt, realise: he has miscalculated the
fiber area and underq unted ferthe jab. He needs addifibnal materials which he cannbt affd rd. lmr is wanted abuut the prbject beirg held up, 5:} he says he will pay Jcnes $15M extra if
Jcnes cenfjnues warking en the jab. He gives him $1fl,[i[i[i immediately, and Junes arders
the materials. Two weeks later, lyur has still net paid the cutsta nding $5,Eflfl, 5:: anes steps wurk and
claims bath the crigi nal 55mm and the add ib'cnal 55,DDD.

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Ier is haying cash flew preblems and he is cence med he may net be able te pay his debt:
when they are due. He ewes Eyans, the timber merchant, 51mm fer timber Eyans has
supplied fer the upstairs fleering in the heuse. Ier tells Eva ns that he will recemmend the timber yard te all his buildirg celleaguE, if Eva ns will accept $1ee,eee in full payment ef the debt. Evans agrees te accept the lesser
ameu nt, and premise: net te demand the $2D,Dflfl shertfall. Eva ns deEn’t netice any increase in business ever the next menth, se he cenfreni: lyer and
de mands the semen. Meanwhile, lyertalee; 4 small Art Dece mirrers te be restered. 111ere are net many suppliers
with the equipment er expertise te restere eld mirrers, se lyer gees te Dwen, a supplier he
has used befere. IWhen lyer dreps eff the mirrers, he is given a receipt with the werds: "Queen is net r15 pensi ble fer any damage te the miners, heweyer the damage is caused.” There is alse a
small sign with the same werding en Gwen’s ceu nter. Dee ef the miners craclrs during the rateratien precess. REQUIRED: Adyise whether, acce rdirg te the cemlnen law ef centract: a} Jena is entided te the twe ameunts he is claiming frem hrer;
[15 marks} b} Evans is beund by his premise that he weuld net demand the $2e,tee shertfall; and
[11] marks} c} the disclaimer en either the receipt er the netice, ferr'n part ef hrer’s centract with
Gwen. [5 marlts] De net refer te statute law in yeur answer.

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