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(150205 Spring 2018 F'mal Exa mu Instruction: a n Cnnnraim Managamlmu I, Use the pmcess aw diagnm to Manna: which unnese Evans 1125 use gmlesl 11:1...


Could someone can show me the calculations for each questions? Thanks for your help.


(150—205 Spring 2018» F'mal Exa mu
Instruction: If needed, [In ynur mlculatiuns and ether work Dll separate sheets of
paper and attach them tn your exam answer paperu Name: a n Cnnnraim Managamlmu I, Use the pmcess flaw diagnm to Manna: which unnese Evans 1125 use gmlesl 11:1
benefil. (2 Pains)“ A) reducing use flaw lime at scam. A from 10 to s mimmesu
B) incieasing use wpam'ty al Station B In 12 unils per um.-
C) incieasing use wpam'ty al Station (2 In 10 unils per um.-
D) ramming [I]: flaw Em: at Static}: D fiom um [I] mulesn‘
.. Answer Del 2, King Suppty snakes ruiudimnnstlypes ofphlmbing fixnues w, X, Y and z 111:
euum'luniuu mm' s fur these madam are: $70 for Prom w, $50 rm Pmdm X. we
fix Product Y and 3100 I'm Pioducl Z. Fixed uvenieailis min-ma at $5.500 per week.
The manuraem climb nxnue sequins tourmaline, Manhinls #1, 2, 3 and 4, Each nf
the machines is availabl: rm 4o bums a Weak and film is nu selup time [squirm whm
snimng from Use producfinn ufoncpmmicl In any Mia The processing seqmseulanlsm
make we unll oreacls prodlmt are slam in the lame, Weekly pmdm aanand fur the
next planning palm] has been rmecaslnd as folluws: 7a m. an 35, so Ys and 30 as» In I.“ the Questions helnw slww nkulltians as Melinda
a Nate: 4
1. FinnresW x Y and z are Ihe Pmducts ulKius Sum}: mmummflvahnl In [rounds A, B, C: D ind“ hammol'k Ernhlflu 4
Z. Cnnflilllllifln MI ' 5 ant: rndncts are I111 'velle' 11mins Time (Musulss Per Fixtulz)
Faxmat Muhin: 1 Machine 2 Manuals 3 Mnch'med w m | 5 m s x s | I: ll ln Y 20 5 S In L 15 5 s m “ A) Use the infmmafim m above nulls, which machine is me vauleneek
upmllm‘! a
(s Pumas).-
A) Machine 1.-
B) Machine 24
C) Machine 34
D) Mach in 4a
Answer. Au
B) Use the infmmafim in the above table and using «an hmunueukmelliull. in
what scqumnc shnuld pmducls be schadlllbd nu producfiml? .-
(5 Pumas).-
A) z, Y, 1mm
B) x, w, 2, Ya
C) Z, Y, W, Xu
D) X Y, Z.Wu
Anst 0 C) Use the infmmafim m the above tab]: and using the butuaueskmelliud.
(s Pumas).-
A) 70w, an x, so Y, [0|] zv
D) 70w, 47 x 50 Y, 3:) za
.i Ansde D) Useme infurmaliun in use abuve mble and using me battlimelzk meaning
what isme pmflt lfthfi wmpauy manumnues use nptimal product mix? v
(5 Flimsy A) 15s man or equal to $10,000» B) grammar: $10,000 but lass man or aqua] In mm» C) gamman $11,000 but lssslnanos equal l0


D) gimmrfllan $12,000.-
.1 Answ: Ad
wm xsu v50. zsuu
an‘slrzwnmmd u 3, The Supmm Managundlt Cmnpzuy essemhles Wm The Blg Busy, The steps m makmg ewmhl class sandwiLh and lhe hme required (mseconds) fur eseh slap are
shewn m lb: lame. a Walk «I Tlmtd Immedflk ¢ 6
Elemema (Etc)! Pmdcccssmfi
Ad 45a ,4 u
Bv‘ 1204 Ad d
Cv‘ 7'04J A4 a
DJ 953 BA d
Ea 20a Ca u
Fe‘ 409‘ Be a
Ga all: was a
flu 55a Fa u
IA 1004 Gd 6
1.: 150.- l-L 1.: a a
a ArBrD-GrIrJ 45+120495+60+100+15Ik5 70d
AVGEVGIJ 45+70+20+60+100+150=445u
ArBrFrHrI 4S+120+40+55+150=41W In all (he ghesrlehs hell", shun alchlelihhs as heeded.-
A) new lheprmelleece metals {as Ill: shove tasks as mm m shnw lhe «ask Ingg'gg [A
walk Shfinni) (5 Pointy
B) Cuslomels dunand mm al the me of2|J sandmches pa hour. Use the mrmmahm
in lhe abuve labia to deleemiueme cycle u'memm will meet this level ufdlamanli (5
A) 100 szmndsd
B) 120 seconds.-
C) 130 socclm‘lsd
D) 240 scmndsd
Answer. a
.. C) Customers flmnaud mat meme erzo smdwinhespel hour Use the j I7 ilzélaaImuulslzmuzuzinmnzazinw-flou l_
infmman'nn Andie ahnve tabla In demmine how many woikmiimls are needed m baJancc thls line lo mum]: emcleuey (5 whimsy
A) 4.-
3) 5a
C) 64
D) 7..
Anst: .1
D] Cusmmels demand “man the sale afZO samlwmhes pH hunt Use me lurmmah'ml
m Ill: above lehle m decemme the maximum cEficIe‘nEy you can aehleve balancing lhls lme
with an nulpul me am meels danmd, (5 Pelnny
A) 34%»
B) 100w
C) 76%u
D) 92%
Anst: .1
.- lnvEnlnry ManagemerlbI 4,1hvmloeles nmdlxl fur the pmdum'm er services and gun-ls (inpuls m afilm'suansfommfinn
plocsses) are callcd::[2 11mm).- A) qwenuued mammals a B) wmk-in—pmcfis a C) 11w We]: a D) fimshcd gems,» a Answer; a 5. Reducing selup casts wlll lhuease use pressuee Iokcep large mvenlmcs. (2 Helms)»
a Answ: l 6. lemming lnvemuly levels can semehmes help a line Induce both he inbuund and oulblmud
mspnmfion eosls (2 whimsy
.1 Answer; a 7, The Talbut Company may eleehieal membhestn pml‘lucc an army ufsmzll eppheuees, One
uflls hlgh cast/h1g1] velhme assemhhes. the X001. has an eshnmed alumni demand hf
8,000 mils. Talbwt esumates the cost to place an lmier 15 350, and me holduag cusl fur eaeh
assemhly ls 320 pm yEaL The cum males 250 s at sax .1


J In III the gnsfions [1&an Slim! flknlnfians Is needed 41 a A] Use the Momehnn inflic almve Em whnl is the emnnnne nnier quznhty fur flJeXO-Ol'i (2 Pointsfw
A) lssslhanoseqnalle 100 uniuse
B)gsehmlhanll10nnilshmlessihhnnsequnlm 180mm
Qgflmflthau lacunilsmulessihanmequalmzsnm
Answer: d B) Uset‘uc infmmfiun in die above scemnu. what is the annual invenIury balding nus! iI'TalbaI Indus using the qu quannqn (2 pun-ls).- a A) lesslhanos equalle slsooe 13)ng than $1,500 but less man at equal to seam»
C) gushes than $4,000 but less man at equal to swam
D) gmnenhnn 86,5004 u Answer; a C) Use the Infomatwn indie above Sm what is the annual ordering cast it Talbm mm suing the EOQ qsnnh'ly'r (2 Poimsy A) lasmanot equalle ”my E) gushes than $1,000 but less man as equal to 31,5004
C) greater than $2,500 but less mu as equal lo 34,0004
D) gmrflun 94,0004 u Answer; a L J .1 D) Use the mfmmmjnnm [he ahuvc scenarin what is me halal annnnlhalding and ordering can: ifTalhut esdess “Sing the E00 qllannty? (2 Paintsy ,l A) greater than $7,0llfld B) gene: 11:31:85,000 but less than in equal to mm»
C) gene: 11:31:32,500 but less than in equal to 35mm
D) hes ihanm semi Io 52500» e Answer 41 E) Use use mhxmahon in me shave seenane what 15m: eyele Iangfl: (time hemeu ordels ((130)) when unless He placed using thequ qmnhty? (2 whimsy .l Anussshmsuaysu
Qgrmmrmanlodaysbmlessflianureqmlm lSdaysu
D)grwlerllian15daysd e Answer 41 F) Use the infomianun In the rib-we seams lunrmlny times per yen- hum Talbot oida lhe x0701 when ordas are placed using the EOQ quantity? (i Paintsju A)hssdmn10 Iimespu yen»
B) gsemmn lonsneshulleesmhnmeqmlsnzo hmespesyem
Qgsemmanzonsneshmleesmhnmeqmlsn ionsnespesyem D)grealcrlhan30umcspayeafl
e Answu' A Supply Chlin Design 4
ll TRUE m FALSE 41 i-ninuy The puspose of supply chain design is in shape a film's supply chainth um the campeliiive
priorities uffis opmons smleglsJ .1 94 Answer: A This figure represents the input nfsllpply shain pmnrmnnoe nu ma: casts..- .1


A) 41 mm»:
.. Rzficz m the figure, The movemmt Ema: paint A In pom! B mdimes me a
A) Increase m he a: ukcs furyout mm m dchvcr gum]: and sawccs a
B) decrease m we Makes for yum Jim on dehm goods and survivesy
C) mcmse in cum
D) decrease in :osu
Anew-2:.- »
B) J Paints)! mm In the Figure, mm: 15 me best slatemmnf a Human}! simultaneously moves [mm pmm
A topoim B andfmmpmnlDtn paint cm A) The new supply chm eflimmcy curve is supelim «1 Lb: aid one B) The new cum are highu, bunk: pflfulmincc 1; menu.» C) The new supply chain is still infen'm (1: me supply chain eflineuey curve» D) The new yelfonuauoe is wurse, hm me was are lower a a .0 Answnr: a

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