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Hi tutor, Please help me solution for these question.Thanks! 85. Sanitary Supplies Company requires its customers to pay by check. Tyla, a Sanitary driver, tells customers on her route that they can pay her with cash. When Sanitary learns of Tyla's collections, it takes no action to stop her. Tyla steals some of the cash. Sanitary may suffer the loss under the doctrine of (Points: 2) 1.apparent authority. 2.equal authority. authority. 4.implied authority. 86. Sunny is a salesperson for Tech Instruments, Inc. (TI). She misrepresents to Universal Piping Company, a customer, that a certain device has a certain capability. In reliance, Universal buys the device. Liable for this misrepresentation is (Points: 2) 1.Sunny and TI. 2.Sunny only. 3.TI only. 4.Universal but neither Sunny nor TI. 87. Ida hires Jim, a real estate broker, to act as her agent to sell her land for $100,000. Oil is discovered beneath the land, causing its market value to increase 100-fold. The agency agreement is likely (Points: 2) 1.still in force if Ida gives Jim additional consideration. 2.still in force if Jim does not mention the oil to prospective customers. 3.terminated by mutual consent of the parties. 4.terminated by operation of law.