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Your SLP assignment in MKT301 is to develop a marketing strategy for a service business which you will (hypothetically) manage. That is to say, you are to assume that you will be free to start a one-person business and are to examine yourself, develop a service business concept (for profit or not - the choice is yours) which you will provide, and develop a marketing strategy for it. You can assume that this will be a one-person business consisting of you alone, or that you will employ others.

In doing this project your fundamental goal is to demonstrate your understanding of and learning about what is being taught in the course.

Over the session you will conduct the necessary marketing analysis for your strategy and present this in your SLP. In each module you will complete a section of the marketing strategy, building on the sections previously completed in prior modules. What you are to submit in each module is as follows:

MOD01:Title page, MOD01 section (see below), References & Appendices.
MOD02:Title page, MOD01 + MOD02 sections, References & Appendices.
MOD03:Title page, MOD01 + MOD02 + MOD03 sections, References & Appendices.
MOD04:Title page, MOD01 + MOD02 + MOD03 + MOD04 sections, References & Appendices.
MOD05:Title page, MOD01 + MOD02 + MOD03 + MOD04 + MOD05 sections, References & Appendices.
Thus in Module 01 the marketing strategy paper submitted only consists of the sections indicated below. For Module 02 the paper will consist of the sections you submitted for Module 01, plus those required for Module 02. For Module 03 it will consists of the prior sections for Modules 01 and 02 plus the new section for Module 03, and so on.