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Question 1 Question 1 The first step when facing an ethical dilemma is to ask: Answer "Is it legal?" "Is it balanced?" "How will it make me feel about myself?" "Is it ethical?" . 1 points Question 2 Question 2 Obeying the law is ________ ethical behavior. Answer essentially the same as the first step towards the opposite of unlikely to lead to . 1 points Question 3 Question 3 A competitive corporate environment: Answer can encourage employees to deceive customers. should focus on improving corporate profit. must be ignored when corporate ethics are developed. can best define ethical behavior based on current circumstances. . 1 points Question 4 Question 4 When it comes to social responsibility, some people feel that "before you can do good, you must do well." This reflects a firm's primary responsibility to their: Answer customers. investors. employees. community. . 1 points Question 5 Question 5 The purpose of a(n) ________ is to evaluate an organization's progress towards implementing programs that are socially responsible and responsive. Answer accountability review social audit federal disclosure statement annual report . 1 points Question 6 Question 6 Top leaders in government and business today are: Answer held to higher ethical standards than in the past. held to less strict moral standards than in the past. less interested in social responsibility than in the past. at odds with the general public in regard to ethical issues. . 1 points Question 7 Question 7 One factor causing businesses to vigorously enforce ethical standards is the: Answer desire to eliminate employee turnover. fear of negative publicity. focus on criminal penalties. evasion of social audit measurements. . 1 points Question 8 Question 8 Which of the following terms describes someone who reports illegal or unethical behavior? Answer whistleblower horn blower watch tower sentinel integrity watchdog . 1 points Question 9 Question 9 A phone call to a government official by an employee of the Enron Corporation disclosed the deception and dishonesty of the firm's accounting records. This employee played the role of a(n): Answer whistleblower. horn blower. cheerleader. moral policeman. . 1 points Question 10 Question 10 A(n) ________-based ethics code emphasizes the prevention of unlawful behavior by increasing control and penalizing wrongdoers. Answer legal corporate responsibility compliance integrity . 1 points Question 11 Question 11 ________ refers to standards of moral behavior. Answer Legality Responsibility Integrity Ethics . 1 points Question 12 Question 12 Stories of political leaders accepting bribes in return for their influence have occurred worldwide. Unlike the past, these leaders have been forced to resign under intense pubic pressure. This indicates that: Answer politicians and religious leaders are above the law. people are demanding higher standards of their leaders. it is important not to get caught accepting a bribe. the WTO has established global standards. . 1 points Question 13 Question 13 Which of the following questions can help us avoid a decision that would injure our self-esteem? Answer Is it legal? Is it balanced? How will it make me feel about myself? How can I avoid taking the blame? . 1 points Question 14 Question 14 Ethical problems and issues of social responsibility are: Answer unique to firms involved in global trade. unique to the United States. not unique to the United States. less important now than in the past. . 1 points Question 15 Question 15 Business relationships often present ethical dilemmas that are: Answer not easily resolved. easily resolved by following the relevant laws. best resolved by creating a win-lose situation. irrelevant and therefore require no action. . 1 points Question 16 Question 16 Corporate values are: Answer a personal matter to be determined by each employee. taught by attending company-sponsored seminars. instilled by the leadership of outside consultants. learned by observing the actions of others in the organization. . 1 points Question 17 Question 17 Which of the following would most likely involve ethical concerns? Answer overstating an expense report forecasting sales for the next year developing the marketing plan for the next year improving working conditions . 1 points Question 18 Question 18 The laws we have written establish the standards of ________ behavior. Answer ethical legal moral socially responsible .
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