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Supply Chain Management 1. Why can the current movement toward the establishment of supply chains be characterized as a revolution? 2. Compare and contrast economic, market, and relevancy value. 3. Compare the concept of a modern supply chain with more traditional distribution channels. Be specific regarding similarities and differences. 4. What specific role does logistics play in supply chain operations? 5. Describe integrative management. Be specific concerning the relationship between function and process. 6. In terms of enterprise extension, describe the importance of the information sharing and process specialization paradigms. 7. Describe and illustrate an integrated service provider. How does the concept of integrated service provider differ from traditional service providers, such as for-hire transportation and warehousing? 8. Compare and contrast anticipatory and responsive business models. Why has responsiveness become popular in supply chain strategy and collaboration? 9. Compare and contrast manufacturing and geographic postponement. 10. Define and illustrate cash-to-cash conversion, dwell time minimization, and cash spin. How do supply chain strategy and structure impact each?