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Assignment The owners of XYZ Construction Inc. see a market potential to expand their operations into Asia. The owners believe that expansion into global markets may improve their IPO in 12 months because the company would have increased market diversity. They would like specific information from you regarding any potential issues or considerations relative to expanding from an exclusive domestic market into a global market with their horizontal construction operation. For this second assignment, your requirement is to research and write in APA format a paper that describes and analyzes: 1. Ethical and social issues within the global market of Asia. 2. Cultural diversity considerations for the company relative to establishing field offices in Asia. Length: 2-4 pages (app. 350 words per page) In addition to the textbook material for this course (properly cited within the paper), you must also use at least three (3) peer-reviewed journal articles. Use the Northcentral on-line library to search for and obtain journal articles for this assignment. Websites and other non-peer-reviewed references may be used (and properly cited in APA format), but these supplemental references are not counted toward the requirement of at least three peer-reviewed journal articles.