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The categorical imperative has been criticized by commentators on the practical grounds that benefit and harm are difficult to measure True False Question 2 1. There is strong evidence that ethical behavior pays off financially for businesses. True False Question 3 1. Society is hurt when business managers behave ethically. Answer True False Question 4 1. Generally, ethical managers have happier, more satisfying lives. Answer True False Question 5 1. The behavior of top executives regarding ethical issues has little effect on the behavior of the employees of the organization. Answer True False Question 6 1. A company that engages in unethical behavior may suffer severe consequences. Answer True False Question 7 1. Wever, Inc. is considering relocating a facility to Mexico. The interests of the various stakeholders affected by this decision may conflict. Answer True False Question 8 1. The categorical imperative approach to ethical decision making is to ask the following question: "Which alternative causes the greatest good (or least harm) to the most people?" Answer True False Question 9 1. There are values, such as integrity, that are generally considered universal. Answer True False Question 10 1. The ethics checklist provided in the textbook was created by Supreme Court Justice Potter Stewart to aid business managers in finding solutions to difficult ethical problems. Answer True False Question 11 1. In analyzing a situation to determine how to act ethically, a business manager should: Answer gather background information by either talking firsthand with the people involved or by talking to those who gained information informally through the company “grapevine.” narrowly focus on a single issue. determine whether an alternative is “just.” All of the answers are correct Question 12 1. Zeno, Inc. is considering relocating its manufacturing facility from Illinois to Mexico City. The stakeholders in this decision might include: Answer Zeno's shareholders. customers. the Illinois community in which Zeno operates. All of the above. Question 13 1. Why should ethics be a concern to business? Answer Society as a whole benefits from ethical behavior. People feel better when they behave ethically. Unethical behavior can be very costly. All of the above. Question 14 1. Which of the following values are considered almost universal? Answer Courage. Pusillanimity. Solifidianism. All the answers are correct. Question 15 1. The Golden Rule is: Answer do unto others as you would have them do unto you. riches come to those who behave ethically. the alternative that creates the most good for the most people should be chosen. weighing costs and benefits is golden. Question 16 1. Research has shown that the least important motivation for managers in behaving ethically is: Answer they want to feel good about themselves. they want to feel good about the decisions they make. they value their reputation. profitability. Question 17 1. Why do many major corporations actively encourage ethical behavior? Answer Unethical behavior always damages a business. Unethical behavior can quickly destroy a business. Unethical acts are always illegal. All of the above are reasons that corporations actively encourage ethical behavior. Question 18 1. The observation that "The one and only social responsibility of business is to increase profits" can be attributed to: Answer Kenneth Lay. William C. Ford, Jr. Milton Friedman. Immanuel Kant. Question 19 1. The Utilitarian approach to decision making is to: Answer ask the following question: which alternative causes the greatest good (or least harm) to the most people. do unto others as you would have them do unto you. ignore ethics. put short-term profits before all other considerations. Question 20 1. Which of the following is NOT a question in the ethics checklist? Answer How much profit will an alternative earn for my company? Who are the stakeholders? Is more than one alternative right? What are the facts?
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