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Jerie's Jerseys, a manufacturer of soccer jerseys, has experienced slumping sales over the last quarter. The marketing research department has been...

Jerie's Jerseys, a manufacturer of soccer jerseys, has experienced slumping sales over the last quarter. The marketing research department has been asked to investigate this disturbing development. What should be the first step taken by the researchers in their investigation?

a sampling frame
a population

24. A stratified sample where the strata are sampled based upon their size and variability is a __________ sample. (Points: 3)

25. Which of the following types of probability samples does not require a complete list of population elements by name in order to draw the sample? (Points: 3)
stratified sample
systematic sample
area sample
quota sample

26. To develop a representative, systematic sample of personal income, the population census __________. (Points: 3)
should be ordered at random
should be ordered from high to low income
should be ordered from low to high income
either B or C is correct

27. The primary advantage of area sampling plans is that __________. (Points: 3)
area sampling data is easy to tabulate and analyze
they don't require probability-based methods of element selection
results can be generalized from one area to another
they don't require a list of elements from the population of interest

28. A mean square is an unbiased estimate of the __________. (Points: 3)
sample variance
population mean
population variance
sample mean

29. In the test for differences in the means of related samples, the individual sample means are replaced by __________ in the calculation of the test statistic. (Points: 3)
the difference in the population means
the population means
the sample mean difference
the difference expected under the alternative hypothesis

30. The Kolmogorov-Smirnov test can be used to determine whether __________. (Points: 3)
two independent samples are drawn from the same population
two independent samples are drawn from different populations having the same distribution
two variables x and y are correlated
A and B

31. Trends can be best displayed by using a __________. (Points: 3)
pie chart
line chart
bar chart

32. The most technically oriented material in the written report will usually be found in the __________. (Points: 3)

33. A good summary should NOT contain __________. (Points: 3)
background information
purpose of the research
tables of data

34. Accuracy in a report refers to __________. (Points: 3)
mathematical accuracy
grammatical accuracy
correct terminology
All of the above

35. Jerie's Jerseys, a manufacturer of soccer jerseys, has experienced slumping sales over the last quarter. The marketing research department has been asked to investigate this disturbing development. What should be the first step taken by the researchers in their investigation? (Points: 3)
Design a questionnaire to gather pertinent data.
Decide which statistical procedure to use for data analysis.
Determine sources of pertinent internal secondary data.
Identify the sample of customers from which data will be gathered.
Formulate a specific problem statement.

36. In the famous case in the 1980's, where Coca-Cola introduced the New Coke after much research, the failure of New Coke was largely due to a marketing research barrier identified as ________. (Points: 3)
a narrow conception of the research
uneven caliber of researchers
poor problem definition
late and occasional erroneous findings
personality and presentation differences

37. The manager of the Golden Orange Drink Company states that he is very concerned with the continuing decline in sales of the company's major product, concentrated orange drink. The manager has asked for your assistance in finding the reasons for the sales decline. The most appropriate way to begin would be with __________. (Points: 3)
a survey among consumers
an experiment in which price is systematically varied
descriptive research
causal research
exploratory research

38. A local Blood Bank wants to obtain a demographic profile of its donors, as well as their perceptions about the convenient locations provided by the Blood Bank. What type of research should it use? (Points: 3)
Causal research
Experimental research
Basic research
Descriptive research
None of the above

39. Mark Cuban, the owner of the Dallas Mavericks, wants to increase the sales of Dallas Mavericks merchandise. His marketing manager gathers information on how other teams in the NBA, like the LA Lakers increased their merchandise sales. This information on the LA Lakers is known as: (Points: 3)
Primary Data
Stealing data
Secondary Data
Irrelevant data
None of the above

40. AT&T has a marketing research department that regularly collects customer information from numerous sources including: sales invoices, salesperson expense accounts, warranty cards, etc. This is an example of a firm's _________. (Points: 3)
external published secondary source
internal secondary source
external commercial secondary source
The firm is not collecting primary of secondary but tertiary data.
None of the above

41. Which of the following is FALSE? (Points: 3)
Effective segmentation demands that firms group their customers into relatively homogenous groups.
A common segmentation base for firms selling industrial goods takes into account the industry designation(s) of its customers.
Firms selling consumer goods normally target individual customers.
The main disadvantage of secondary data over primary data is that the data may not always ideally fit the needs of the user.
Secondary data are typically much less expensive than primary data.

42. After John purchased his new car, the car dealer sent him a new owner satisfaction survey, which consisted of several statements about his car, which John was to indicate agreement or disagreement with by checking the appropriate boxes. This survey is _________. (Points: 3)
unstructured undisguised
structured disguised
sentence completion
structured undisguised
word association

43. Jane Doe wants to administer a short survey on "student driving habits" to a representative sample of students at the local university. She secured a list of students from the student directory. She assigned each student a unique number and then used a random number table to select her sample. The student directory from which Jane selected her sample of students to contact is referred to as _________. (Points: 3)
sampling frame
sampling control
sampling error
sampling directory
None of the above

44. You have been assigned the task of evaluating consumer acceptance of and favorability toward a new product that a company has just test marketed in your area. In order to determine the degree to which consumers hold favorable attitudes toward the product, what is the lowest level of scale that you can use? (Points: 1)
Need more information

45. As Sally is completing a survey, she responds by circling a 6 (on a 1-7 itemized-rating scale) for all the questions without really paying attention to the questions. Sally has fallen victim to what researchers refer to as _________. (Points: 3)
attention deficit
reverse scaling
response set bias

46. A researcher developing a questionnaire becomes aware of an interesting additional relationship which could be investigated at very little cost and effort. He knows that this is not vital to his present research purpose. He should _________. (Points: 3)
investigate it to a limited extent
forget it
evaluate the cost
investigate it carefully
investigate it, as this is likely to reduce sampling error

47. The only time the population size (N) is important in the calculation of sample size (n) is: (Points: 3)
Always; all formulas include N, a count of the total population
When the population is very, very large
When the population is not normal
When the population is small relative to the sample size
None of the above

48. A researcher investigating the consumption of sugar takes a random sample from the population and computes the mean sugar consumption. He repeats the procedure a number of times using the exact same procedure, and finds the means obtained vary from sample to sample. This is an example of ________. (Points: 3)
systematic error
sampling error
nonsampling error
noncoverage error
response error

49. A questionnaire uses a 1-5 Likert scale to determine job satisfaction. When entering the data into a file, a researcher types a 7 instead of the 4 that the respondent had circled on the questionnaire. Such a mistake can be uncovered by performing what type of analysis? (Points: 3)
Analysis of variance
Frequency analysis
Both c and d

50. Which of the following is FALSE? (Points: 3)
The research report is the end product of the research process.
The fundamental criterion by which research reports are evaluated is communication with the reader.
The report reader is the only reason to prepare a research report.
The intended use of the research report does not affect the content of the report.
The research report criteria of completeness, accuracy, clarity, and conciseness are related.

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