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The contemporary business world is global and multicultural. Edwards (2011) states “Successfully doing business today almost requires that an organization operate in the global marketplace, no matter where it is headquartered” (p. 54). In multinational corporations, the use of virtual teams is growing (Sadri and Condia, 2012). Imagine you are in a new United Stated based business which has expansion possibilities in North & South America, Asia, and Europe and need to understand the cultures that you are possibly going expand into for increased success and growth. For this Discussion topic you will conduct research into the 4 possible areas of expansion as described in the marketplace simulation and respond to these questions: 1. What are the cultural norms of each of the possible expansion areas? 2. What are the differences and similarities to the culture norms of the United States? 3. What possible challenges will virtual teams face within each of the expansion areas? 4. What are your recommendations for overcoming these challenges? References Edwards, S. (2011). Today's Leaders Should Be Global. Chief Learning Officer, 10(3), 54-56. Sadri, G., & Condia, J. (2012). Managing the virtual world. Industrial Management, 54(1), 21-25.
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