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Final Project

Team Project Conclusion

This week, you will conclude your team project of minimizing damages to goods loaded and unloaded from the trucks by your team by evaluating your team’s effectiveness. You should bring together all of the insights that you have gained while studying in the course and while completing the weekly final projects. Be sure to address the following:

How effective have change initiatives been in the team? Is change resisted?
How effectively does the team learn together?
Use at least three other concepts from your study in the course to describe the effectiveness (or ineffectiveness) of the team, its leader, and its members.
What specific contributions did you make toward your team’s goal?
What could you have done to improve the success of your team and what action steps should be implemented to enhance the future effectiveness of the team?

Evaluate your team’s effectiveness in a three- to five-page paper. The most important thing here is your analysis of the experience, not whether the team was indeed effective.
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Team effectiveness
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