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ing its prices, even though it is simultaneously sacrificing its profits, in order to gain market share is adopting which entrepreneurial orientation?...

"A firm that resorts to slashing its prices, even though it is simultaneously sacrificing its profits, in order to gain market share is adopting which entrepreneurial orientation?
competitive aggressiveness

It is generally argued that the takeover constraint
deters management from engaging in opportunistic behavior.
deters management from considering acquiring other companies.
deters management from declaring dividends.
deters management from increasing a firm's level of borrowing.

Which of the following is NOT a disadvantage of the barrier-free form of organization?
Lack of strong leadership can lead to coordination problems.
Democratic process can be time-consuming and difficult to manage.
Additional integration issues result is a slower response to market changes.
If trust among employees is not sufficiently high, organizational performance may suffer.

Organizations are increasingly using teams for many reasons. The difference between a good team and an outstanding team has been found to be
the combined technical skills of the members.
similarities in the way team members solve problems.
the way team members treat each other.
similarities in the age and experience of team members.

Effective short-term objectives have all of the following priorities EXCEPT
an emphasis on "do your best" goals.
being achievable yet challenging.
providing a specific time horizon for their attainment.
being specific and measurable.

Which component of Emotional Intelligence (EI) enables a manager to have a deep understanding of the existence and importance of cultural and ethnic differences?
social skills

All of the following statements about leadership are true EXCEPT
leadership is focused on the creation and implementation of a creative vision.
leadership is the process of transforming organizations from what they are to what the leader would have them become.
leaders support the status quo and seek control mechanisms to maintain it.
effective implementation of strategy is essential for successful leadership.

The source of referent power is
a subordinate's identification with the leader.
a leader's identification with the subordinates.
derived from the fact that the manager can potentially act as a reference when the employee applies for another job.
derived from the manager's ability to provide effective incentives to employees.

In the 1990s, DuPont used its knowledge of plastics to develop biodegradable plastic products. This is an example of
focusing on process rather than product innovation.
defining its innovation efforts within the context of its "strategic envelope."
radical innovation.
public relations, since plastics are not biodegradable.

Firms following multidomestic strategies, driven by political and cultural imperatives that require managers to respond to local conditions, are likely to choose which organizational structure?
international division
worldwide functional
global start-up

Most successful organizations minimize the need for explicit rules, regulations, and other boundaries by
posting written statements of the organization's goals and objectives.
discouraging the formation of subcultures that isolate work groups.
designing effective reward systems.
encouraging employees to see themselves as free agents.

A matrix organizational structure is characterized by
dual reporting relationships.
a combination of functional and divisional organization structures.
efficient use of resources and expertise.
all of these.

The benefits of continuous monitoring include
enhancing the organization's ability to respond with speed and flexibility.
replacing the time-consuming process of organizational learning.
dramatically altering the organization's response to its competitive environment.
all of these.

Technical Computer Graphics uses small project teams and forms alliances with its teams, customers, and suppliers to accomplish projects. This is an example of
combining forms of boundaryless organizations.
horizontal systems and processes.
democratic management control.

In order to create an environment where employees can achieve their potential as they move the organization towards its goals, the manager's role needs to be that of
resource allocator.
resource controller.
a flexible resource.
an advocator of the status quo.

Whereas __________ are willing to violate procedures and operate outside normal channels, __________ gather hard data and develop a strong case for why a project should be killed.
senior managers; entrepreneurial leaders
strategic managers; financial managers
exit champions; product champions
product champions; exit champions

Corporate business incubators typically provide some or all of the following functions EXCEPT
physical space.
student interns.

One of the pitfalls of real options analysis is that managers may have an incentive and know-how to "game the system" and "back-solve" a formula to get a proposal approved. This can give rise to
managerial conceit.
the illusion of control.
escalation of commitment.
agency problems.

Complete the following sentence. "Inspiring and motivating people with a mission or purpose is a __________ for developing an organization that can learn and adapt."
necessary and sufficient condition
necessary, but not a sufficient condition
goal, but not a necessary condition
goal and a required pre-condition

Internal benchmarking at Whole Foods
is used by teams to compete against other teams in their stores.
is used by teams which compete against their own goals for sales, growth, and productivity.
is used by teams to compete against similar teams at different stores and regions.
all of these.

The empowerment perspective that involves trusting people to "do the right thing," take intelligent risks, and act with a sense of ownership is known as
the leadership perspective.
the top-down approach.
the bottom-up approach.
the risk-taking model.

The following two components of Emotional Intelligence (EI) deal with a person's ability to manage relationships with others:
motivation and self-awareness.
self-regulation and empathy.
empathy and social skill.
motivation and empathy.

The reasons analyst recommendations are often more optimistic than warranted by an objective analysis of a firm's prospects include all of the following EXCEPT
many analysts fail to grasp the gravity of the problems facing a company.
"sell" recommendations generate lower commissions than buy recommendations.
the firms for which analysts work may have lucrative investment banking relationships with the firm.
analysts are often pressured by their superiors to overlook negative information or tone down their criticisms of the firms they analyze.

Complete the following sentence: "Individual rationality __________ organizational rationality."
is a good indicator of
will ensure
is often the opposite of
does not always guarantee

According to the text, __________, which support fledgling startups are often used to pursue specific entrepreneurial ventures developed by __________.
collaboration partners; strategic partners
business incubators; new venture groups
product champions; corporate venture capitalists
lower-level managers; upper-level managers

It is generally argued that the takeover constraint
deters management from engaging in opportunistic behavior.
deters management from considering acquiring other companies.
deters management from declaring dividends.
deters management from increasing a firm's level of borrowing.

One disadvantage of using a(n) ________ approach to corporate entrepreneurship is that its isolation from the corporate mainstream may lead to difficulties in obtaining the resources or support to move a project to completion.

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