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it is an assignment, I have attached the file here. 2_5 Think of...

it is an assignment, I have attached the file here.

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2_5 Think of yourself as the marketing director for Fair Skies Airlines, which provides consumers with a product and service that is well accepted and used by millions of people each year in the United States. Several innovations are about to be incorporated into the product that will change some of its features and modify the benefits customers enjoy. These have already been decided; in fact, they are almost fait accompli. In essence, this full-service airline is about to undergo a complete transition into a new low-fare carrier with meager accommodations and no advance seat-selection. It will charge passengers for everything extra, from coffee and soft drinks to sandwiches and even temporary use of pillows and blankets. Passengers will have to check their own baggage, but ticketing and check-in will be more automated. Fares will be exceptionally low, and there should be less wait time at check-in counters. Belatedly, upper management has asked you to obtain some feedback on this new orientation. Part A Using the Ashworth College Library, research the following information. You must provide an APA-formatted bibliography identifying all the sources you use. (15 points) 1. Research at least three (3) discount airlines describing the different services they provide as options for their customers. 2. Consult at least two (2) airline industry journals and/or publications from specific airlines and provide a brief summary describing what a “discount” fare really means. Part B Your boss has asked you to validate the claim that the new concept will be a success. In order to do so, you need to conduct a SWOT analysis . Your boss has asked you to include a competitive component in the analysis. Your SWOT analysis must include at least three ( 3) internal strengths and three (3) internal weaknesses, as well as three (3) external opportunities and three (3) external threats. The competitive component must include mention of at least two (2) competitors in relationship to the opportunities and at least two (2) competitors in relationship to the threats you have identified. (36 points) Part C Your boss has asked that you interview people about the upcoming changes . Create a list stating the type of subjects you should interview. Upper management favors sampling loyal Fair Skies passengers who have flown at least three round-trips, but feel free to propose others you think should be interviewed. Name at least three (3) subjects to interview. (29 points) After creating the list above, you decide to use a focus group format . 1. List and discuss two (2) considerations that you think will be important in leading the focus group. 2. Compose at least 10 questions you think would be necessary for adequate input and which address the two (2) or more considerations you have identified. Part D Write a memo to your boss and associates explaining the following. Remember that most people rarely read memos more than two pages long, so keep it short and to the point. Don’t forget to cite your sources, however. Your list of sources and any pertinent charts, tables, and reference materials can be added to the memo as appendices. The results will provide guidance for marketing planning that may insure the survival of Fair Skies while other airlines are floundering during these difficult times. (20 points) 1. Explain the method and rationale you used for conducting this type of research. 2. Explain how you would use input from the SWOT analysis. 3. Explain how you would use the proposed questions. 4. Make at least two (2) recommendations for management based on what you have learned.
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