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Select ONE of the following questions and write your responses in 2-4 double-spaced pages.

1. Mercantilism is a bankrupt theory that has no place in the modern world. Discuss.

2. Unions in developed nations often oppose imports from low-wage countries and advocate tradebarriers to protect jobs from what they often characterize as “unfair” import competition. Is suchcompetition “unfair”? Do you think that this argument is in the best interests of (a) the unions, (b) the people they represent, and/or (c) the country as a whole?

3. What are the potential costs of adopting a free trade regime? Do you think governments should doanything to reduce these costs? What?

4. Do you think that governments should consider human rights when granting preferential tradingrights to countries? What are the arguments for and against taking such a position?

5. Whose interests should be the paramount concern of government trade policy - the interests ofproducers (businesses and their employees) or those of consumers?

6. Given the arguments relating to the new trade theory and strategic trade policy, what kind of tradepolicy should business be pressuring government to adopt?

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