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I need this answered :( having trouble with it. Its about contract...

I need this answered :( having trouble with it. Its about contract in business law

1600 words and needs sources from other cases

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INTRODUCTION TO BUSINESS LAW (200184), SPRING SEMESTER 2015 PROBLEM SOLVING ASSIGNMENT (Assessment 2) Instructions This document consists of three (3) pages including this page. There are three (3) questions and all questions must be answered. This assessment task contributes 30% of your final grade. The questions are not equally weighted. This assessment task is based upon the content covered in Weeks 4 and 5 (Contract law). Word limit: The word limit for the entire assignment is 1500 words. There is no 10% margin of error on the word limit and you may not use footnotes to get around the word limit (eg, such as by placing extra text in the footnotes – footnotes should be used for the reference only as a general rule, not for added descriptions). Referencing style: Assignments must be referenced adopting an appropriate business referencing style. Submission: You must submit your assignment answers in accordance with the procedure outlined in the Learning Guide (i.e., must be submitted through Turnitin ). The assignment must be submitted by the due date and time, or late penalties will begin to accumulate until received. If relevant please review the University Policies on Applications for Extensions and Special Consideration. Please note that if you are applying for an extension or special consideration you MUST ATTACH YOUR WORK DONE on the assignment up to the date of your application. Do not assume your application will be successful. You need to upload your assignment as soon as you are able, to ensure penalties are minimised. Please do NOT affix an Assignment Cover Sheet to your assignment. Assignment Cover Sheets are automatically built-in to Turnitin. Do NOT attach a copy of these instructions, or of the questions, as part of your assignment, but number your answers to correspond to the numbered questions. Marking: The marking criteria and standards are set out in the Learning Guide and will be used when marking and to provide feedback on your assignment. You may find it helpful to consult these while working on your assignment. See the Learning Guide for other information about marking and return of assignments. Assignment Due: Saturday 12 th September 2015 by 12 noon.
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