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hello all, I have an my project done but I just need an "executive

summary " , everything is done you need to read and do 2 pages of executive summary about , its an easy i just have a test i want to study for, who can help me with this? I can give good tip depends on how good your work!

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Executive Summary
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Introduction The purpose of the project is to learn the international marketing environment in Italy, evaluate market potential for Jamba Juice and develop a strategy to reach a target market within our country. Jamba Juice is a juice/smoothie franchise where they serve in 800 different locations in South Korea, Philippines, Canada, Mexico, Taiwan, United Arab Emirates and the United States, but Jamba Juice is not sold in Western Europe-Italy. The scope of the project, was narrowed down to finding who are target market would be and where they would be located, along with other characteristics such as: healthy lifestyle, students, young adults, single, etc. It is important to look at the behavioral characteristics of the consumer in order to determine the success or failure for Jamba Juice in Italy. In the methodology, there were four methods used for estimation of market potential, which were: chain ratio, method of analogy, proxy indicator, and regression model. The estimations are based on past sales data as well as consumers behavior in Italy. Data for this project came from Euromonitor International 2016- Passport Database Access where it provides “statistics, analysis, reports, surveys and breaking news on consumer products, commercial industries, national and global economies and consumers worldwide.” Information was also retrieved from many articles posted through Passport. Some of the limitations encountered was the data for consumer purchasing behavior towards smoothies or gelato. There were no main franchise competitors that focus on a product like Jamba Juice does so therefore, the data used had to be from consumers purchasing behavior and took into effect their daily lifestyles. There was also a lack of data when comparing Italy to another country because Jamba Juice only sells in six different countries.
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Executive Summary Introduction The purpose of the project is to learn the international marketing environment in Italy, evaluate market potential for...
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